Food & Drinks as usual

I’m glad to see our nation survived that horrific and despicable speech President Obama gave our nation’s youth (snicker).

Not much to report. Life has been fairly boring, which is actually okay at times. I certainly wish I had a little more excitement going on, but it has been nice to relax.

Most of my friends are teachers and they are back at work, so my days off have been EXTRA boring because I have no one to hang with. Despite this, I’ve managed to go to two more places on my list of things to do in Charleston.

Unsurprisingly, they are both places involving food and drinks.

J. Paul’z – This is a Tapas and sushi place out in the James Island area. It was a little smaller than I thought it was going to be, but it was very relaxed. They had a porch area, but we sat inside. The lighting was dim, it was pretty quiet and the atmosphere was relaxing, which means it already got bonus points from me.

The food itself was pretty good. For an appetizer we tried the Trio Of Dips (Pimiento cheese, spinach-artichoke, and hummus served with pita bread) which was delicious. I’ve always liked spinach-artichoke dip, but the other two are iffy sometimes. I was pleasantly surprised with all three.

For my meal I went with the Spider Roll (Soft Shell Crab, Avocado, and Cucumber, topped with Spicy Mayo and Toasted Sesame Seeds). It was pretty good, but I didn’t like the soft shell crab as much as I thought I would. I’m sure if I got a different roll, I would have been much happier. I definitely want to go back and try out something else.

Juanita Greenberg’s – Mexican restaurant on King Street in downtown Chucktown. I forgot where I heard about this, but it seemed like a fun place to try. Mexican food, fish tacos, beer, and margaritas in the Holy City? Sign me up!

This place was also pretty small, which I didn’t expect. When you first walk in, you enter the bar section and then are guided out the back to a patio-like setting where all the tables are. I didn’t expect this, but it was a welcomed surprise. I got two fish tacos, a margarita, and some chips/salsa. All of it was pretty tasty and I wouldn’t mind going back.

I have the day off today too, so I’m hoping to knock a couple other things off my list, but I do have some things I should be doing around the apartment…hmmm decisions, decisions…


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7 responses to “Food & Drinks as usual

  1. blah. get me a margarita.

  2. J

    I can’t believe I’ve had sushi but never had these fish tacos you always speak of. I wish I could afford to come visit!!!!!!!

  3. Extremely Witty

    J – I’ve found there are three common kinds. The fried ones aren’t that great and I’m not a big fan of the tuna version either, but I love the grilled mahi ones. Nothing beats mahi.

  4. Really good fish tacos are SO. DAMN. GOOD!

  5. I love JPaul’z. Used to go there regularly after a movie at the Terrace but I don’t seem to get to the movies as often lately.

  6. joan – Thanks for the comment! I really enjoyed JPaul’z!

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