America Loses!!

Why in the fuck are people happy that Chicago did not win the 2016 Olympic bid? Idiots. So, people are so Anti-Obama that they would root against our country (which is in a recession) getting an extremely beneficial entity. How asinine is that?

The Olympics bring in MONEY. The Olympics foster excitement and national pride. So, what exactly is the reason for NOT wanting them in this country?

As much as I hated George Bush, I wouldn’t automatically hate something he supported. That’s stupid and close-minded. In fact, George Bush SUPPORTED CHICAGO’S BID FOR THE OLYMPICS. Not once did I think, screw the Olympics, Bush is an idiot!

Are conservatives Anti-American now or something? Are some of them willing to turn their back on the country in some fashion just because they don’t believe in Obama’s health care ideas?

When I don’t support an unjust war that was launched by my country on false information and lies, I’m told I’m Un-American….but people who cheer America losing an Olympic bid are a-okay!

Watch the idiocy here.

Also, this gem…

Just when I thought the douchebags that run my new home state were done making fools of themselves, I was so epically proven wrong.

Jim DeMint..welcome to Douchebaggers Club. You may recognize the other members: your fellow South Carolinian Politicians! There’s Mark “hiking the Appalachian Trail” Sanford, Joe “You lie!” Wilson, and Lindsey “The Geneva Convention is more a set of guidelines” Graham!

Here’s why DeMint has joined such an infamous group…

“Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC) has announced that he is heading down to Honduras to encourage those who helped fund and supported the coup against Honduran President Manuel Zelaya to resist American pressure to return Zelaya to office.” (source)

DeMint is going to tell a foreign group to RESIST AMERICAN PRESSURE. Isn’t this some form of treason? This jackass is going to fly to another country and try to convince this group to resist his own country…

Is treason too harsh? I mean..what else could this be?


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4 responses to “America Loses!!

  1. cpacek

    The corruption in Chicago? Valerie Jarret? Oprah the racist? What else do I need to say!

  2. Thanks for reading my blog! Sadly I missed the beer festival and firefly party because I was in Atlanta. Did you enjoy them?

  3. cpacek – You could say something that actually makes sense. By your standards there wouldn’t be a city in the world that is deserving of the Olympics. Every city has some form of corruption and/or people that have questionable moral standards.

    Caroline – Thanks for stopping over! I had a really good time at both parties, I will be detailing them in my next entry!

  4. J

    I can’t tell if cpacek’s comment was a complete joke or not… I’m really hoping it was a joke…. WTF.

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