Put Some South In Your Mouth

Saturday kicked my ass. It was an amazing day full of friends and booze.

My day started in the early afternoon as I made the (relatively) long journey to Wadmalaw Island for the Firefly Distillery Launch Party! Firefly is Sweet Tea Vodka and is the most delicious thing ever. Seriously, it’s science. The distillery is on the same property as the Irvin House Vineyards.

There was a decent amount of people there and I really enjoyed it. There was a band, food, wine/beer for sale, great views of the vineyard, unnecessary souvenirs and vodka tastings. I tried some of the wine, which I enjoyed, but the highlight was definitely the vodka tasting.

They gave you three little shots and all of them were damn good. The first was a yet-to-be released Lemonade Vodka. This is 100 time better than Mike’s Hard Lemonade or similar concoctions. Peach Sweet Tea was next and was pretty tasty as well. The final shot was a coffee-flavored rum and it was surprisingly good. Everyone at the event was talking about it.

What made the event even more enjoyable was seeing a bunch of my friends. The Charleston regualrs – KT, Swan, My Hero, and My Hero’s wife – were all present. Also, Swan’s friend from her hometown and her boyfriend were also in town for the event.

Needless to say, I was quite tipsy quite quickly. This may have skewed my opinion a little.

After some Zaxby’s and an accidental nap, it was off to the 7th Annual Ballpark Festival of Beers at the Riverdogs’ baseball stadium. It was $25 per ticket, but it was well worth it. When you arrive at the park, you are given a small plastic glass which you bring around to different tents where you can try all sorts of beers. It’s a winning combination.

Swan, her visiting friends, KT, GPiC, and I all met at the ballpark for the awesomeness. The weather was perfect and most of the beer was good. It was a lot of fun and I wish they held it at least twice a year!

After Beerfest, we decided to head to downtown Charleston where we had some drinks at Rooftop. Things got a little hazy for everyone at this point, but we enjoyed some pizza and called it a night.

Not surprisingly, I was extra tired on Sunday and didn’t make it out to any bars for football, which was incredibly disappointing. Despite this, I had a great time this weekend. I just need a break from booze…but not a long one.


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2 responses to “Put Some South In Your Mouth

  1. My friends said that the Firefly party wasn’t enough vodka for them, but they’re vodka enthusiasts/alcoholics. And you better believe that if I drive all the way to Wadmalaw I will want to purchase a whole bottle. I am, however, impressed with your alcoholic day. And jealous I couldn’t go to Beerfest.

  2. It definitely wasn’t enough vodka. It was only three very small shots, but still fun. Don’t worry about missing Beerfest – there are always some form of drinking fests in Charleston!

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