Fell In Love With the Girl at the Rock Show

I would hope at this point, it would not come as shock to you that I despise growing up. I pretty much cower in fear from all things “adult” and rarely pass up an opportunity to act like a child.

Last night was one of those unique times where I could not only act like I was younger, but also participate in an activity that I would have done in late high school/early college years.

That super awesome activity? Seeing Blink-182 in Charlotte!

Blink is a special band to me because they were my “punk-starter band.” Their music got me into a lot of other bands that I normally would not have listened to. Their lyrics are overly simple, but ridiculously fun to sing. I have a lot of memories of singing along to Blink songs during track practice in high school, on the team buses after meets, at dances, parties, and on road trips.

I almost always think of my best friends from home (token shout-out to PiC) and all the times we would sing along to this band. My favorite memory was probably on a road trip to Old Orchard Beach. My three best friends and myself were in a car with another friend’s father when “Damnit” came over the speakers. We had sung this song so many times we actually had different parts that we all would sing…(shut up, we were awesome). Needless to say, our friend’s dad was quite impressed with our harmonizing.

I made the trip to the Other Carolina on Tuesday afternoon and arrived around 5 pm. I met up with the All-American at his apartment and we promptly cracked up a beer. Before long, the All-American’s roommate and his friend arrived to join the fun. We arrived at the VZW Ampitheatre just as Asher Roth (“I Love College” guy) was performing. After hearing Roth say “Charlotte” and his own name about 30 times in 10 seconds, we decided to stay in the parking lot and tailgate. Despite the chilly weather, this was a success.

We met up with two of the Charlotte boys’ friends and soon made our way into the venue. The show was a lot of fun, but way too short. The crowd was full of rambunctious, drunk teenagers and well, that was actually okay with me. It was nice to see the youngins having the type of good time I had at my last Blink show back in 2002 or so. Thankfully, there weren’t any annoying kids around us. The only negative thing that happened was that the All-American almost got me killed on the way back from getting beers.

We were trying to find our friends on the lawn when he walked me into a wide open area. My initial joy was quickly replaced with intense fear as I realized he had led me directly into a most pit. I was ridiculously scared that some hormone-driven teen was going to knock me out. Luckily, we escaped with beers and bodies in tact.

As always, Blink put on a great show. They played most of their hits and told plenty of jokes in between songs.

Travis’ drum solo – He went nuts! His drum set was actually lifted above the stage and turned completely vertical while he was playing, which was pretty intense.
Hijinks – During the encore, Mark and Tom were faux fighting which consisted of each of them running to the others’ side of the stage to knock over their mic. It was funny to see the roadies scurry out to clean up the discarded equipment.

blink-182 Reunion Tour
Verizon Wireless Ampitheatre, Charlotte, NC

Feeling This
The Rock Show
What’s My Age Again
Miss You
Stay Together for The Kids
Interlude from the Self-Titled Album –>
Stockholm Syndrome
First Date
Man Overboard
Don’t Leave Me
All The Small Things
Reckless Abandon
Anthem Part II

Travis Drum Solo —>
Damnit —>
Every Rose Has It’s Thorn (Chorus Only, Mark solo)


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9 responses to “Fell In Love With the Girl at the Rock Show

  1. Brings you back, huh? They were one of my starter bands too.

  2. CitC – They will always have a special place in my memory because they opened me up to some new music.

  3. Yeah, it’s right next to the parking lot that used to be theirs and is now wasted by Station 22 Restaurant. I am an intern, so I write whatever they need me to.

  4. I love those guys! They’re one of the first bands I saw in concert.

  5. It is fun, especially considering journalism isn’t even my major. I did some bitch work over the summer in the advertising department to pay my dues (making copies, running errands) but now seeing my name in the real paper is worth it. I would definitely recommend it, but they do give priority to college students who get internship credit. They also look for freelancers.

  6. scarletdark

    I can only imagine you standing in a sea of people at these concerts with a little notepad and a tiny pencil, writing down each song as it plays and then taking it home and typing it up. I mean seriously, how do you remember all this?

    Wait. WAIT. Did you get my second favorite Blink-182 song wrong?!?! Isn’t “Josie” actually “Online Songs”? I’m not sure we can be friends anymore. I guess your appreciation of Dammit will save you this time.

    P.S. She said “What?” and I told her that I didn’t know.

  7. I actually get setlists online. Someone else is in the sea of people making notes. I just steal them later.

    Wait. WAIT. Did YOU just get something wrong? “Josie” and “Online Songs” are two different songs. The latter mentions the name Josie at the beginning, but there is definitely a song with the same name. It’s an old one.

  8. Scarletdark

    Hmmm looks like you’re right… Wait so that means they didn’t even play Online Songs?! Lame!

  9. Nope, they did not play it. Mark is on facebook now so you should send him a message to express your disgust

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