Hoax Flu?

It seems not a day goes by that I don’t hear about the Swine Flu. Whether its the news or someone cracking a joke, the H1N1 virus seems to dominate day-in and day-out. It does not seem to matter where I turn, there are reminders everywhere…

1. When I was traveling their were tips and tricks on how to avoid the flu posted throughout each airport

2. There is a sign at work detailing how to avoid spreading germs and protecting yourself from the Swine Flue

3. Almost every news website, broadcast, or magazine features some sort of story about this so-called epidemic.

Then why the Hell don’t a know a single person that has had it? I have friends and family and numerous states and I don’t know a soul that actually had it.

Sure, I’ve heard people say things like “Oh my friend’s kid got it,” but I don’t actually KNOW someone who has had the Swine Flu.

Part of me thinks it’s a complete hoax, but I know that’s a little crazy to believe. It just seems odd that an “epidemic” has not affected anyone I know. So what gives? Did we just throw the term epidemic out there too freely? Or were we scared into taking action early so it wouldn’t be a huge deal? The whole thing just seems weird to me…

Personally, I have not changed a single thing I do on a day-to-day basis to avoid the virus and haven’t so much as had a runny nose this fall. I’m sure I’m jinxing myself at this point, but I’ll chance it.

Has anyone out there been diagnosed with Swine Flu or at least an immediate family member?


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8 responses to “Hoax Flu?

  1. My friends kid does have it. Heh.

    Seriously, I can tell you that our Emergency Room has been full of it but we haven’t have to keep many of them.

  2. joan – Thanks for the update! You are still a mystery blogger to me, so you may be part of this conspiracy! Haha, but I guess I could take your word for it.

  3. 1. I’m going to take the Dave’s comment as a good thing, lol.
    2. Why thank you!

  4. Scarletdark

    A guy at work had it and didn’t know, came in to work, and it wiped out the entire Namco PC team, and most of the 4th floor of our building. Not all of us got the H1N1 strand of it, but some did. Personally, I didn’t get tested but I did have some sort of flu. Either way, literally my entire team was out for two days and everyone came back with nasty coughs. Twas gross. So now ya know :p

  5. CitC – Yes, it was a good thing!

    Sd – Hmm…technically, I don’t know this guy and since you never were diagnosed with it, I am going to have to say my theory stands.

  6. My one year old niece had it but it was a light case and didn’t last more than two days.

  7. Oh and I forgot to add that none of us got it from her, even though it was her birthday and there was a lot of hugging and kissing going on.

  8. Ania – I’m glad to hear your niece is okay. Supposedly, it’s a lot worse for children. Also glad to hear you didn’t catch it either!

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