I Cut Like a Buffalo


Anyone still there?

Yikes, I sure have been ignoring this little space on the interwebs. I haven’t felt very creative, inspired or interesting for quite some time and, unsurprisingly, my blog has suffered.

I’ve also totally slacked on reading other people’s blogs, but I’m playing catch up as we speak!

In any event, there hasn’t been too much going on in my corner of the world. Here’s a super brief update…

1. I went home back in late October, which was a ton of fun.
2. The All-American and a couple of his Charlotte friends came down for a weekend. I detailed this in my last entry.
3. I went to Charleston Beer Works for the first time, which was super disappointing. For a place that has the word “Beer” in its title, you would think they would have a full stock of said beverage. Oddly, they were out of almost everything I attempted to order.
4. I’ve been working a lot. Retail blows and it blows harder around the holidays. I feel a VZW Chronicles entry coming on…
5. I bought my first HD TV (!!!) and I love it. I’ve been watching tons of shows and movies in glorious high definition. It’s amazing.
6. UConn’s football team was invited to play in the PapaJohns.com Bowl (I hate the names these bowl games get), which is in Alabama. To make this news even more amazing, I soon found out they would be playing South Carolina!! I can’t believe it – my alma mater taking on my adopted team! I want to go really bad and I think it may happen. I’ve been talking to some friends over the last few days about making the roadtrip to Bama.
7. I’ve decided to move out of my apartment and into a duplex. I will be in the same town, but a little further from work. I will have a lot more room and a fenced in backyard for the dog! Plus, it’s less expensive! I can’t wait to move in.

So, that’s that. I know this was another super-boring-numbered-list-entry, but it’s a start.

Hopefully, this was not an aberration and I will be back with a vengeance soon!


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2 responses to “I Cut Like a Buffalo

  1. In agreement about Beerworks. I hate covers, fratties, and the girls who follow them around, so it’s obviously the worst bar for me.

  2. I’m disappointed I haven’t been over to break in the hdtv.

    I’ll be holding a grudge for a while now. At least for a few minutes.


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