Willy Loman

I am not a salesman and I never will be.

I don’t like pushing things on people that they don’t necessarily want or even need.

I hate how perfectly normal people walk onto a sales floor and become backstabbers, liars, and exhibit other immoral traits just to hit a quota.

I hate the stigma people have towards salespeople, no matter how accurate it may be.

I like HELPING people. A novel concept in the sales world.

My happiest moment at work is not when I convince a customer to buy a Blackberry when all they came in for was a basic phone. Nor is it when I have the best numbers.

My happiest moments have been quite different from those.

A man came into the store a few weeks ago and asked to speak with me. The customer said I had helped him before and he respected my input. He said I impressed him when I told him that I was not a salesman – I was there to help him. He said that really stuck out and he would always come back and ask for me.

A few days later another customer continuously thanked me for being “personable, professional, and helpful.”

These are my proudest moments. When I step above the games, politics, and shadiness that is the sales profession.

Don’t get me wrong, I like a lot of things about the company I work for and I wouldn’t mind holding a different position within the company, but I will NOT being doing this job forever. I WILL move on to better and brighter things, but until I do I’m going to continue to be myself. I will do the right thing.

I will try to remember that although I don’t like my job, I shouldn’t beat myself up too much because I’ve worked hard and taken pride in my work. And above all else I never became the creepy, shady salesman I was afraid I would become when I started this job.


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3 responses to “Willy Loman

  1. J

    i liked this :o) obviously.

  2. Extremely Witty

    Thanks, but I still don’t approve of your rants against the company I work for :p

  3. Awww, that’s sweet. 🙂

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