Clamming Up

I hope you all had a great weekend. Mine was pretty fun. I woke up early on Sunday to prepare for Oysterfest!!

For various reasons, I missed the last two festivals dedicated to everyone’s favorite mollusk. I was quite excited and prepared (read: drank) nice and early. There’s something special about downing a Bloody Mary and beer well before noon. Part of the reason I drank so early was because that’s kind of how this event is seen – a drinking party with Oysters, but really I did it because that was the only way I was going to survive getting up that early for this type of event. (See this post if you are new here).

Luckily, I was feeling pretty good once it was time to leave. I met up with CF and hit the road to Mt. Pleasant and Boone Hall Plantation. Once there, we promptly met up with KT, Booze, and Fun Bobby (who was visiting for the weekend). We grabbed some beers and rounded up a bucket of Oysters.

I hadn’t had oysters in years, so I wasn’t sure if I was going to like them, so I was pleasantly surprised when I did! I got pretty good at shucking and downed a bunch of oysters while I chatted with Fun Bobby and CF. Meanwhile, KT and Booze impressively started a flip cup tournament in the middle of the festival.

All-in-all my first Oysterfest was a great success. I wish it wasn’t as cold as it was, but otherwise I had a blast.


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4 responses to “Clamming Up

  1. Glad you had such a good weekend! Although the thought of oysters makes me want to throw up a little…

    Also, I’m pleased to hear there was flip-cup involved, and I’m sad I wasn’t invited. I see how you are.

  2. dmwi – You are always invited to party it up with us in on the Right Coast. In fact, I think you and Booze would get along quite well.

  3. Something about the combination of oysters and alcohol just doesn’t sit quite right with me. But, glad you managed to have a good weekend, nonetheless.

    I’ll admit it though – I’ve never had oysters, though I’ve always been vaguely curious.

  4. Jess – The combo actually worked…but that may have been because I was drunk and really anything seems like a good idea at that point. You definitely need to try it. Even if you hate it, at least you gave it a shot!

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