Politics for Dumbies

I know this is two political-based entries in a row and I’m sorry to bore you, but I just had to write about the wonder that is Sarah Palin.

It’s so amazing to me that this Hillbilly was almost the Vice President of our country. Her popularity in certain sects of this country is absolutely astounding.

She is not very good at thinking on her feet, gets easily trapped by the media, and is so full of contradictions, it’s ridiculous.

There are two stories this week that really showcase her absurdity. The first isn’t a big deal, but is fairly humorous to me.

In a recent speech, Palin teased Obama about his use of a teleprompter, which is pretty stupid in the first place. Every politician prepares a speech before they go on stage. They either use paper or a teleprompter to guide them through it, which is far from an issue..even if Palin wants to make it one.

Her “calling out” of Obama was silly anyway, but what made it better was:
A. Palin has used teleprompters before and
B. She was caught with notes written on her left hand

So, a teleprompter is ridiculous, but a cheat sheet scribbled on your palm is ok? What makes it even better were the things she wrote on her hand. They were her “core believes” as a politician (cutting taxes, etc). Shouldn’t your core believes be something you don’t need to write down to remember? She looks like a 17-year-old running for Senior Class President.

The other piece of Palin news this week was her crusade against the word “retard.” Her son has Down’s Syndrome, so the use of that word really hits home for her. She berated (rightfully so) Obama’s cheif-of-staff Rahm Emanuel for calling liberal activists who wanted to run ads against conservative Democrats “fucking retarded” in a closed-door meeting at the White House.

Sure, Palin called Emanuel out on Facebook for this transgression, (which only aids my comparision of her to a 17-year-old running for class president), but that just shows how out-of-touch she is. Her heart was in the right place.

Ok, no problem so far. Palin has taken an issue that means something to her and is trying to hold people responsible. Just a few days later, Palin showed one of the main problems with politics.

Democrats and Republicans will blindly follow their party under almost any circumstances. No one wants to work together or cause ripples within their own party. It’s idiotic, counterproductive and affects the American People. Republicans will do just about anything to sabotage anything Obama wants to do and shoot down almost every Democrat-led initiative. And Dems do the same.

Back to Palin…Rush Limbaugh went on a tirade during his radio show about the issue in which he said “retarded” or some variation multiple times and even said there should be a “retard summit” at the White House.

For those who don’t know, Limbaugh is a conservative radio host who’s ideals are most in line with Palin’s. He is very powerful within the Republican party.

Palin had a chance to blast Limbaugh and condemn him for using the term and show that she will hold everyone accountable regardless of which side of the aisle they are on. Instead, she decided to defend Limbaugh’s use of the word that she compared to the “N-word.”

Palin said Limbaugh’s use of the word was okay because it was used for satire.

Way to stick to your guns Palin. She jumps all over a staffer in the Democratic White House, but lets the conservative talk show host off the hook. Anything to stay in line with the party, I guess.


Until politicians stand up for what is right and not what their party wants, we’re never going to get ahead.


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7 responses to “Politics for Dumbies

  1. vixations

    Chelsea Lately talked about the Sarah Palin thing on her show last night: http://www.eonline.com/on/shows/chelsea/theshow/index.jsp

    Her take on it makes more sense to me than yours, mostly because as soon as people start talking/writing about politics all I hear is Charlie Brown teacher-speak.

    “How’s all that hope-y change-y stuff going?”

  2. vixations – I will allow this transgression only because I completely understand what you mean about politics. I promise the next journal will be better….or at least not political.

  3. vixations

    Good. I think it should be about John Mayer. Just sayin.

  4. After seeing your lowlights from the Playboy interview, I may be able to go on a “John Mayer is kind of a dick” rant.

  5. scarletdark

    You’ve lifted my American spirit.

  6. I never could forgive her for twisting the discussion with a doctor into a “death panel”. End of life discussions are way too serious to play political games with.

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