Snow! In the Lowcountry

The weather in this country has been some weird lately. Washington, DC and their neighboring states got BURIED in snow earlier this week and were essentially shut down. Other northeastern states were blanketed with snow and saw varying degrees of closures and delays.

At first, I could only sit back and laugh at all those suckers stuck in the freezing cold weather. All that slush, ice, shoveling, brushing off the car in the morning – no thanks!

However, after reading some DC-area bloggers’ accounts of no work and all play I became insanely jealous. I contemplated moving back up to the north for the sole fact that I could get a snow week off like they did. I decided this probably wasn’t a good reason to move.

Then I got the amazing news that Charleston was expected to get significant snowfall for the first time in 10 years. I thought for sure the state would just completely shut down and I would get out of at least one day of work.

Yea, right. Not with my company. You never know who might stumble in to get a new phone. Forget personal safety, it’s all about the dollar bill.

Despite the accumulating snow, we remained open for our normal hours. It wasn’t really that dangerous but we were crazy slow for the last couple hours and it was such a waste.

As much as I hate the cold, it was somewhat exciting to see snowfall for the first time in about three years (when I moved here). It was weird to have to brush my car off again and see palm trees covered in snow.

The snow is supposed to continue through the night and we may get up to 6 inches. Maybe I’ll get out of work tomorrow? I won’t hold my breath


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4 responses to “Snow! In the Lowcountry

  1. scarletdark

    Has anyone come in asking to see ur mapz yet? Or if their map could potentially get in the way of important events, like football on television? Or if, like ATT, Verizon is also capable of downloading headless Luke Wilson clones? Let me know, because when I chose ATT, I was ensured that that headless Luke Wilsons were an ATT exclusive, and if other carriers start offering them, I may have to swap over.

  2. scarletdark – No requests to see the maps, but plenty of witty remarks regarding said maps. I use the term witty in the most sarcastic sense imaginable. And I hate to bring it to you, but the ATT commercial shows that the headless Luke Wilson is actually a Verizon product because our network couldn’t download the full Luke Wilson. You apparently misunderstood the commercial..which is good for them because if you did get it, you would be with Verizon at the moment.

  3. Emily

    I was blessed with a snow day 😉 be jealous.

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