Going to ignore the elephant in the room

My Charleston Tour continued albeit quietly. Nothing too exciting to report, but I did do a couple of fun things.

1. First I went to James Island to see what was left of Fort Johnson. The Department of Natural Resources sits on the property now and there isn’t much remaining from the old fort. I’ve never seen anything advertised about this location, but happened to stumble upon some information in the Charleston City Paper which peaked my interest. The paper mentioned there was a memorial on site where the first shot of the Civil War occurred.

At the very end of the property there was indeed a large, stone monument marking the historic spot. It was pretty interesting to be standing in spot that has that much history behind it. Behind the monument was a small pathway down to the water where you could see Fort Johnson’s target quite clearly – Fort Sumter. This website shows a shot of the old fort with Sumter in the background. The whole thing was pretty cool. It was also really quiet there, which is rare for a landmark in Charleston.

Also on the property was a building and two cisterns which remained from the fort.

2. Next up was the Folly Beach Pier. The pier juts out pretty far into the ocean, which can make for some great views. It was starting to get a little chilly and the breeze from the ocean certainly didn’t help, so not much time was spent there. I’ve been to the beach numerous times and never stopped there, so I was happy to finally cross it off my list.

3. Finally, it was time for a stop at Jim ‘N Nick’s BBQ. Nothing says “the South” like some good BBQ and this place certainly had it. I went to the downtown location (it’s a mini-chain of sorts) and really enjoyed it. The building has that “old-timey” feel with vintage relics and photographs throughout the restaurant. I opted for the pulled-pork sandwich and it was really good. The meat itself was fantastic  – it was moist, soft and pretty much melted in my mouth (twss!). The regular BBQ sauce was pretty good, but probably not the best I’ve had. I tried out the Chipolte version and it was damn spicy!

It was nice to cross a few more things off the list, but there are plenty left to go!

I also need to thank Joan from Charleston Daily Photo who helped quiet my curiosity about some Charleston history. I noticed a lot of the houses in the downtown area had some strange looking chimneys (here) and wanted some more information on them. Why? I have no idea. I just like every and all pieces of historic Charleston I guess…in any event, I knew Joan shares my interest in the Holy City, it’s history, and it’s quirks and thought she might have some interesting tidbits about these structures.

She let me know that 1. Her own home at this type of structure and 2. That she would e-mail a professor from that College of Charleston she knew to get more information.

For those interested, I found out via Joan and the professor, that “they are to block sparks from flying so freely.” Apparently, there were a number of fires that lead to this innovation.

So, Joan, thanks again for satisfying my random, nerdy question!


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  2. You are most welcome!

    Finally got you listed on my sidebar so I can keep up with your entries properly.

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