It’s like walking with the wounded

I went to see Third Eye Blind at the Music Farm. It was my first time visiting the venue and I enjoyed it. It was a typical small venue – crowded, bar in the back, not the best acoustics. Just like other building downtown, the Music Farm had the Charleston-vibe. Which really just means it’s an older building made of bricks.

This was my fifth time seeing Third Eye Blind and although there are only two original members remaining, I barely noticed any difference. Stephan (lead singer) kept mentioning how beautiful Charleston was and how happy they were to be there. Bands always say that stuff, but I actually think he meant it because my city is awesome unlike yours. Suckers.

Anyway, here’s the setlist.

The links I provided are to videos, but not from the show I was it. I’m just providing them in case you are interested. I felt these were highlights of the show.

Third Eye Blind 4/6/10
Music Farm, Charleston, SC

Instrumental Intro –> Faster
Losing a Whole Year
Can You Take Me
Never Let You Go
Motorcycle Driveby
Water Landing
Crystal Baller
Dao of St. Paul (Stephan Solo)
How’s It Going To Be (Brad Drum Solo towards the end)
Monotov’s Private Opera (Alternate Version)

Slow Motion (Stephan Solo)
Don’t Believe a Word
Semi-Charmed Life
God Of Wine (Feat. Joshua James)
Bonfire (reprise)

I love most of the songs that were played so I really enjoyed myself. I loved watching the crowd during “Monotov’s Private Opera.” Everyone was kinda of doing the same bouncing dance. It was kind of trance like.

All-in-all another great time in the Holy City.


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7 responses to “It’s like walking with the wounded

  1. I’m glad you had a great time, it really is a great band.
    I’m happy I could see them live in Albany, and for free!

  2. Ella-Thanks! I’m glad you got to see them too! They are really fun to see live.

  3. I didn’t even know that 3rd Eye Blind was even still touring. Even missing a few of the original members, that would be a show I’d want to see for sure! Glad you had fun. (Also, jealous of you for all the good shows you get to see!)

  4. Jess – They definitely still tour! They actually have been touring quite a bit. They mostly do colleges and smaller venues now though.

  5. bryan

    You left out ‘I want you’ from the setlist. Just saying

  6. Aaaaah! They’re going to be here in June! I might have to make that happen. I was pretty jealous of you for seeing them!

  7. dmwi – definitely go when they are in your neck of the woods! It’s a lot of fun!

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