This past week featured two unfortunate anniversaries – The Oklahoma City Bombing and the Shootings at Columbine.

Like most people, these events are forever embedded in my mind. As I read about the anniversaries, I started to think about some of the other major events that have occurred over my lifetime (for reference, I am 27). For whatever reason, I felt like creating a list and posting it here. I think it’s important to remember these events from time-to-time for varying reasons. Feel free to add anything you think I may have missed…

Oklahoma City Bombing
Shootings at Columbine
The 2000 Presidential Election
The 1993 World Trade Center Bombing
The Election of Barack Obama
Operation Desert Storm/Gulf War
Iraq War/Operation Iraqi Freedom
The Bill Clinton Scandal
The Capture of Saddam Hussein
Hurricane Katrina
The Siege of Waco
Baby Jessica

Obviously, some of these are far less significant the others but they’ve all stuck with me for one reason or another. Any others?


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4 responses to “Fabric

  1. shorty

    you’re 27.

  2. Um…yea, that’s why I said I was. Thanks for reiterating that…ass

  3. Just as a random story about how clueless I was as a child…because the whole baby Jessica thing was such a talked about event, I actually thought that she was someone that my parents knew. After she was rescued, I asked my parents if we could go visit her. Sort of funny to look back on now.

    Just two other fairly significant events (to me, at least) I can think of…(I’m 27 as well, fyi)
    The Tiananmen Square protests and the Zapatista uprising.

  4. Jess – Thanks for playing! Typical American over here and essentially ignored anything not related to my country. And yay for 27-year-olds!

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