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Thanks for checking out my blog.

Here is a list of 101 things about me: 101 Things. The list has some outdated material, but you get the idea.

For those newbies here is a rundown of the people/places discussed in my journal…

Lowcountry – Actual Nickname for the Charleston-area of South Carolina
E-Double-L – Nickname I gave my hometown of Ellington, CT
Burn’s Alley – Bar Downtown. Kind of a hole-in-the-wall, but awesome.
Folly Beach – One of the main beaches in the Charleston area. This is the beach I frequent most.
Henry’s – A relaxing, “sit-down-and-chat” style bar in Downtown Chucktown.
Mellow Mushroom – Hippy-themed pizza place I’ve been frequenting. Has a beer club (with prizes!)
Rooftop – A bar in Charleston that is located on the roof of the Market Pavilion Hotel.
Snapper Jack’s – A sports bar on Folly Beach.
Taco Boy – My favorite restaurant in Charleston. The only reason for this is because they have fish tacos and Tecate. The original is on Folly Beach, but there is a new one downtown.

The All-American – Friend from Ellington. He currently resides in Charlotte, NC. Dubbed the All-American for his boyish good looks, unreal athletic ability, and sexual prowess. Um..so I hear.
Ben Affleck – A friend from work who I’ve been told resembles Ben Affleck.

Bloggy McFlirtsalot – Friend of Shorty’s who I “met” via her blog. I absolutely loved her entries because they reminded me of the things I used to write about. Her blog inspired me to write again.  She also gave me my “Extremely Witty” moniker.
Booze –
The Ex’s little brother. He always entertains me with his drunken escapades.
CF – Friend from college who now lives in Charleston. One of my best friends who lives down here. Has a propensity to date military guys. I tend to not like any of them.
DG –
One of my best friends from college. We live on separate coasts, but continue to have hilarious, late-night conversations via AIM or text.
Duggs – Engaged to GPiC. Met him through KLAY and was super excited to find out he went to UConn too. If he were straight, he’d marry Swan.

The Ex – My most recent ex-girlfriend. We had an on/off relationship from like 2003-2008. We broke up at a friend’s wedding. I have since been forced back into the single life and this journal started around that time. Since we have each moved to separate apartments, things between us have been a lot better. She is now signified as “KT”.
GPiC (Gay Partner in Crime) –
Engaged to Duggs. If PiC (see below) was gay, this would be him. The two are very similar in nature. He also deserves the PiC title because we tend to egg each other on when boozing. Just ask the empty bottle of whiskey from the other night.

JKru – Friend I met via Swana/CF.
K-Lay –
Friend from work who introduced me to GPiC and Duggs.
KT – See “The Ex”

Maggie – She’s my puppy and my favorite thing ever. In fact, she’s better than most people.
My Hero – A friend I met through CF/Swan and soon became my friend. He is married to My Hero’s Wife who is 13 years his junior. That’s right -he managed to stay single and make some INSANE stories before settling down with a 21-year-old (at the time, she is now my age).
My Hero’s wife – Oddly, I knew her from my college years. She dated Samsonite when they were in high school, so she stopped by UConn here-and-there. We ended becoming friends after I moved here and realized her husband was my hero.

PiC (Partner in Crime) / heavensenthellbent – One of my best friends from Ellington. Him and I are the Package Deal. Since 2000 we have been causing general mayhem together. The second name is from his journal.
Samsonite – One of my best friends from UConn. He is constantly trying to cause trouble, but is a genuinely good person.
Blogger friend. She wrote in her journal about me and thanks to WordPress’s statistics section, I was able to see that she had link to my site. I went to her journal to see who it was and found the journal about me. I commented on her journal (much to her embarrassment) and a friendship grew. She drew an AWESOME picture of me. It included a bunch of babes fawning over me.
Swan – Friend I met in college. Currently lives in Charleston. One of my best friends down here.

As more people/places are introduced, I will update this page

15 responses to “About

  1. link! or i will have to start commenting as Bloggy. which I’m not really that opposed to, but still.

    ❤ bloggy/bethis/beth/random hot girl

  2. PS- thanks for saying nice things about me. I’m glad you started blogging.

  3. shorty


  4. Bloggy post # 1 – I don’t quite know what you are talking about…..i haz a confuzed

    Bloggy post # 2 – Why wouldn’t I say nice things about you? Although, I don’t think I actually did…

    shorty – I said ONE of my favorites. ONE. But I like your enthusiasm

  5. 1) Enter “Edit Page”
    2) Highlight “Bloggy McFlirtsalot”
    3) Click the little chainlink icon (when you hover, it will say “insert/edit link”)
    4) Paste/type http://bethis.wordpress.com
    5) Click “insert”
    6) Click “update page”


    Do this whenever you talk about anything on the internet that you can link to and you will win a million prizes.

  6. You are just trying to gain more followers…you should be in marketing…

  7. ❤ you love me.

    And I am. Can you tell.

    But more importantly I taught you a very important life/blog lesson on how to post links. You should thank me.

  8. Love? You are moving a little quick here Bloggy McFlirtsalot (stalker). :p

    And thanks! (Even if what you showed me was a shameless way to plug your page)

  9. Hey they don’t call me Bloggy McFlirtsalot for nothing.

  10. And by “they,” you mean me. But it will catch on.

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  12. It’s ridiculous how excited I am that there’s a blogger from a place I know and lived near. I lived in SC too and my brother went to CofC. Such a pretty city.

  13. Ania – Thanks for the response! Horray for the Palmetto State – especially the Holy City! Thanks for checking my page out!

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  15. Nothing beats Mellow Mushroom game nights!

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