Show Two-Four

I had a blast in Charlotte earlier this week. I had been anxiously awaiting the Dave Matthews Band show in the Other Carolina for MONTHS. And it certainly did not disappoint. We got to Charlotte with plenty of time to spare, met up with various friends, was able to hook said friends up with ticket upgrades for free, got many tasty adult beverages in my belly, and made it into the pit (!!!) with time to spare.

The pit was surprisingly awesome. I was afraid of pushing, shoving, and general douche-iness, but was pleasantly surprised by how great everyone was. The crowd was great, the band kicked ass, and setlist was a nice mix of new and old tunes. Despite being my 24th show (going to at least one show every year since ’98), I still heard two songs I had never heard live before.

The only low-light of the night was the encore. Just wasn’t very strong, but not something I really would complain too much about.

1. Boyd’s Solo on Lie In Our Graves
2. Minarets being played for the first time since 12/13/05
3. My first time hearing Minarets and Some Devil live

Dave Matthews Band
July 21, 2010
Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre, Charlotte, Charlotte, NC

Minarets »
The Stone (Can’t Help Falling in Love interpolation by Jeff)
One Sweet World
Shake Me Like a Monkey
Lying in the Hands of God
Lover Lay Down*
What Would You Say*
Some Devil
Why I Am
Don’t Drink the Water (included prelude)
Lie in Our Graves
You & Me »
Jimi Thing (Sexy MF Outro)*
Corn Bread (Carter Solo Intro and Down By the Riverside interpolation by Rashawn and Jeff)

* = featured Branford Marsalis on saxophone

West Palm Beach shows are next up!!!


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See? The Fanboy is back!

Here is the setlist I would love to hear on Wednesday, but in no way will….

The Stone (Can’t Help Falling In Love Interoplation)
(Stop/Time Intro) Warehouse (Louie, Louie Outro)
Sweet Up & Down
Best of What’s Around
So Damn Lucky
Why I Am
Jimi Thing (Sexy MF Outro)
The Idea of You
You Never Know
Everyday (You Can’t Rollerskate in a Buffalo Heard Interpolation)
Shake Me Like A Monkey
Water Into Wine —> Two Step

Break for It
Ants Marching


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I am sorry

I am sorry, Blog. I continue to ignore you despite my urges to write in you.

I am sorry what little followers I may have, because my possible return will probably be all about dmb because I’m seeing them on Wednesday in Charlotte!!! Can’t wait!!!


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Remember these?

How come no one else remembers these??


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Folly Beach

For those of you that have been to Charleston, be sure to pick up your free Folly Beach sticker at:

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Sometimes I think I’m funny

I finally decided to visit a doctor. I have not had a primary physician since I moved to SC in 2007. I’m bad at setting appointments and doing anything doctor related, but I knew I could no longer postpone it…especially since my doctor back in CT was becoming less than helpful in refilling my prescription for crazy pills. Something to do with me living thousands of miles away and it not being totally kosher…I don’t know, I wasn’t really listening…I was too busy trying not to scream out “Just give me the drugs! GIVE. ME. THE. DRUGS!”

Anyway, I promptly set an appointment for this week. Before I could actually see a doctor, a nurse weighed me, measured me, and asked some typical health-related questions.

Do you smoke?

What are you allergic to?

Then she asked if I was sexually active, which got me to thinking. Can you be sexually DEactivated? If so, when are you deactivated?

OR once you have sex, are you forever activated?

I am sad to report that I did not question the nurse or doctor further, but instead leave it up to the Interwebs for input.


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Sign me up

Oh, yes please give me an iPhone now…except don’t


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