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End of Times

This is just getting weird…

Dead fish all over Folly Beach: http://www.live5news.com/Global/story.asp?S=13795544

The dead fish and birds in Arkansas: http://news.yahoo.com/s/yblog_thelookout/20110103/ts_yblog_thelookout/massive-bird-fish-kills-in-arkansas-leave-many-scratching-heads

2 million dead fish in Maryland: http://www.cnn.com/2011/US/01/06/maryland.fish.kill/index.html?hpt=T2

What is going on?

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Best of the Holy City

If you live in Charleston, SC or are quite familiar with the city, you should vote in the City Paper’s Best Of feature!


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The start of something new?

I’m back..ish. We’ll see for how long. I went to a dmb show last month which was a pretty big letdown for numerous reasons. But the band was awesome as usual.

The opening act (Trombone Shorty & Orleans Ave) was fantastic. Easily the best opening act I’ve ever seen at a dmb show. I heard one song I had never heard before live (Still Water), but otherwise the set was mind-blowing like West Palm Shows. But it was still really good.

I was excited to hear Best of What’s Around. That was a nice surprise.
Stefan’s intro to Crush was awesome!
Two Step was amazing as always.
Dave teased Spoon twice and I thought I was gonna hear it played live (finally), but he stopped after one verse. I was pretty bummed because it would have completed “Before These Crowded Streets” for me.

November 17, 2010
North Charleston Coliseum, North Charleston, SC
Proudest Monkey »
Funny the Way It Is
Still Water
Don’t Drink the Water
I’ll Back You Up
Lie in Our Graves (Wonderful Tonight Interpolation by Dave)
Eh Hee
Spoon [tease] – Dave played the first few notes
Corn Bread feat. Trombone Shorty (Carter Intro, Down by the Riverside Interpolation by Rashawn & Jeff)
Digging a Ditch
Lying in the Hands of God
Shake Me Like a Monkey
Crush (Stefan Solo Intro with “Super Freak” interpolation)
The Best of What’s Around
What You Are (slow intro) »
You & Me
Two Step (Time Bomb Intro)
Dive In (Dave Solo)
Spoon [tease] – Dave played one verse
Grey Street

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Southern Fried Damn Yankee

I’ve been in Charleston for almost three years and it’s no secret I’ve enjoyed my time in the South. I never would have thought in a million years I would not only live here, but love it. I love the big changes – weather, food, living by the beach, etc – but I also love some of the little things. Namely, clothing and vernacular.

Southern girls wear their summer dresses to just about every event. Concert? Baseball game? Night out on the town? Doesn’t matter.

Southern guys wear boat shoes, croakies, shorts with logos on them, any shorts but cargo shorts, and sport feathery hair. It’s so douchey looking, but they love it. And good for them.

The vernacular is probably my favorite thing about the South. Here is a small sampling (aka what I could remember on a moment’s notice) of Southernisms.

Ya’ll – The classic. The collective you is just too damn confusing for Southerns, so they created this word to make things easier.
Bo’ – I’m not sure of the “proper” spelling of this term, but Southerns use it to mean “boy” or “buddy.” They’ll say things like “You got that right, Bo’!”
Box – Synonym for fight/punch. “I’m gonna box him in the face!” “I’m gonna box him!”
Might Could do – Another way to say “could do.” “That’s a good idea, but we might could do this instead”
Raise Cain – To cause trouble
Sir/ma’am – Although all regions of the country are familiar with these words, Southerns overuse them. I’m called “sir” about 80 times a day and I’m expected to call all adults sir or ma’am and respond to people’s questions with a “Yes, sir” or “No, ma’am.”
Fixin – Planning on, about to. “I’m fixin to get some food.”
Tore Up – Messed up/broken up. “I hurt my leg earlier. It’s all tore up.”
Lowcountry/Low Country Term for the South Carolina coastal region.
Yankee vs. Damn Yankee – 1. Yes, they really do call us Yankees. 2. A Yankee is a Northern who currently lives in the North. A Damn Yankee is a born-Northern who moved to the South.

Piazza – It’s a porch, but on the side of the house. Do not call it a porch.
Joggling board Couldn’t explain it if I wanted to.
She Crab SoupIf you like crab, this is excellent.
Sweetgrass BasketsThey sell these everywhere.
Pecan Pie – I still haven’t tried it
Boiled PeanutsAcquired taste.
Double staircasesI heard each side was designated for each gender.
Fried-green tomatoesNot a fan.
Bricks – Every damn building downtown is made of bricks
BBQ – When Southerns (at least in the Carolinas) say BBQ, it can encompass a lot of things, but it’s really about the pork, not the chicken
BBQ Sauce – Carolina folk seem to prefer the yellow, mustard-based BBQ sauce as opposed to the sweet, tangy red sauces.
Grandma – The liquor of choice. It’s short for Grand Marnier.
Sweet Tea – It’s iced tea but with a crapload of sugar. True Southerns just call it tea as it’s the norm down here.
GritsA southern staple. It’s kind of a combination of rice and oatmeal…and all gross.
Dislike of people from Ohio – Surprisingly, Ohioans really draw the ire of the people of Charleston. They seem to hate them more than the Damn Yankees.

Phew….I hope to continue this list as I think of more….


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Best of the Best

Congrats to Joan from Charleston Daily Photo for being named the Best Local Blog in Charleston! She definitely deserves it (and I’m not just saying that because she helped me out a couple days ago.

See the rest of the winners here.


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Going to ignore the elephant in the room

My Charleston Tour continued albeit quietly. Nothing too exciting to report, but I did do a couple of fun things.

1. First I went to James Island to see what was left of Fort Johnson. The Department of Natural Resources sits on the property now and there isn’t much remaining from the old fort. I’ve never seen anything advertised about this location, but happened to stumble upon some information in the Charleston City Paper which peaked my interest. The paper mentioned there was a memorial on site where the first shot of the Civil War occurred.

At the very end of the property there was indeed a large, stone monument marking the historic spot. It was pretty interesting to be standing in spot that has that much history behind it. Behind the monument was a small pathway down to the water where you could see Fort Johnson’s target quite clearly – Fort Sumter. This website shows a shot of the old fort with Sumter in the background. The whole thing was pretty cool. It was also really quiet there, which is rare for a landmark in Charleston.

Also on the property was a building and two cisterns which remained from the fort.

2. Next up was the Folly Beach Pier. The pier juts out pretty far into the ocean, which can make for some great views. It was starting to get a little chilly and the breeze from the ocean certainly didn’t help, so not much time was spent there. I’ve been to the beach numerous times and never stopped there, so I was happy to finally cross it off my list.

3. Finally, it was time for a stop at Jim ‘N Nick’s BBQ. Nothing says “the South” like some good BBQ and this place certainly had it. I went to the downtown location (it’s a mini-chain of sorts) and really enjoyed it. The building has that “old-timey” feel with vintage relics and photographs throughout the restaurant. I opted for the pulled-pork sandwich and it was really good. The meat itself was fantastic  – it was moist, soft and pretty much melted in my mouth (twss!). The regular BBQ sauce was pretty good, but probably not the best I’ve had. I tried out the Chipolte version and it was damn spicy!

It was nice to cross a few more things off the list, but there are plenty left to go!

I also need to thank Joan from Charleston Daily Photo who helped quiet my curiosity about some Charleston history. I noticed a lot of the houses in the downtown area had some strange looking chimneys (here) and wanted some more information on them. Why? I have no idea. I just like every and all pieces of historic Charleston I guess…in any event, I knew Joan shares my interest in the Holy City, it’s history, and it’s quirks and thought she might have some interesting tidbits about these structures.

She let me know that 1. Her own home at this type of structure and 2. That she would e-mail a professor from that College of Charleston she knew to get more information.

For those interested, I found out via Joan and the professor, that “they are to block sparks from flying so freely.” Apparently, there were a number of fires that lead to this innovation.

So, Joan, thanks again for satisfying my random, nerdy question!


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Snow! In the Lowcountry

The weather in this country has been some weird lately. Washington, DC and their neighboring states got BURIED in snow earlier this week and were essentially shut down. Other northeastern states were blanketed with snow and saw varying degrees of closures and delays.

At first, I could only sit back and laugh at all those suckers stuck in the freezing cold weather. All that slush, ice, shoveling, brushing off the car in the morning – no thanks!

However, after reading some DC-area bloggers’ accounts of no work and all play I became insanely jealous. I contemplated moving back up to the north for the sole fact that I could get a snow week off like they did. I decided this probably wasn’t a good reason to move.

Then I got the amazing news that Charleston was expected to get significant snowfall for the first time in 10 years. I thought for sure the state would just completely shut down and I would get out of at least one day of work.

Yea, right. Not with my company. You never know who might stumble in to get a new phone. Forget personal safety, it’s all about the dollar bill.

Despite the accumulating snow, we remained open for our normal hours. It wasn’t really that dangerous but we were crazy slow for the last couple hours and it was such a waste.

As much as I hate the cold, it was somewhat exciting to see snowfall for the first time in about three years (when I moved here). It was weird to have to brush my car off again and see palm trees covered in snow.

The snow is supposed to continue through the night and we may get up to 6 inches. Maybe I’ll get out of work tomorrow? I won’t hold my breath


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Clamming Up

I hope you all had a great weekend. Mine was pretty fun. I woke up early on Sunday to prepare for Oysterfest!!

For various reasons, I missed the last two festivals dedicated to everyone’s favorite mollusk. I was quite excited and prepared (read: drank) nice and early. There’s something special about downing a Bloody Mary and beer well before noon. Part of the reason I drank so early was because that’s kind of how this event is seen – a drinking party with Oysters, but really I did it because that was the only way I was going to survive getting up that early for this type of event. (See this post if you are new here).

Luckily, I was feeling pretty good once it was time to leave. I met up with CF and hit the road to Mt. Pleasant and Boone Hall Plantation. Once there, we promptly met up with KT, Booze, and Fun Bobby (who was visiting for the weekend). We grabbed some beers and rounded up a bucket of Oysters.

I hadn’t had oysters in years, so I wasn’t sure if I was going to like them, so I was pleasantly surprised when I did! I got pretty good at shucking and downed a bunch of oysters while I chatted with Fun Bobby and CF. Meanwhile, KT and Booze impressively started a flip cup tournament in the middle of the festival.

All-in-all my first Oysterfest was a great success. I wish it wasn’t as cold as it was, but otherwise I had a blast.


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This is for my Charlestonians

Anyone who currently lives in or around the Holy City (or has at one time) should go vote in the Charleston City Paper’s Best of Charleston 2010. This is always a fun piece, so be sure to contribute!


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Whoa..it’s been a while

I have not posted in forever…damn.

Just a quick update about my trips around Chucktown.

1. Last month I went to the North Charleston Coliseum to see a preseason NBA game between the Charlotte Bobcats and Cleveland Cavaliers. This was actually kind of exciting because I got to see LeBron James and Shaq O’Neal play. Shaq was my favorite player when I was a kid, so it was pretty cool to see him live. Plus, seeing LeBron was amazing. Dude is an incredible athlete and he had a couple of dunks to prove it.

2. I also went to Crosby’s Seafood with KT to buy some mahi to make our own fish tacos! I was a little worried about how it would turn out, but I think we actually did a pretty good job! It was definitely a cool experience.

3. Lastly, I finally got to Queen Anne’s Revenge out on Daniel Island. This is a pretty neat restaurant that doubles as a low budget museum. The name of the restaurant comes from Blackbeard’s ship. Fittingly, there are tons of pirate-era artifacts throughout the building. In fact, the whole place looks like the inside of a ship, it’s pretty cool.
The food was decent too. I got a steak, but it wasn’t quite cooked the way I asked, but it was still decent. The sirloin tips were freaking delicious though. I am definitely getting those next time I go there!


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