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End of Times

This is just getting weird…

Dead fish all over Folly Beach: http://www.live5news.com/Global/story.asp?S=13795544

The dead fish and birds in Arkansas: http://news.yahoo.com/s/yblog_thelookout/20110103/ts_yblog_thelookout/massive-bird-fish-kills-in-arkansas-leave-many-scratching-heads

2 million dead fish in Maryland: http://www.cnn.com/2011/US/01/06/maryland.fish.kill/index.html?hpt=T2

What is going on?


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Going to ignore the elephant in the room

My Charleston Tour continued albeit quietly. Nothing too exciting to report, but I did do a couple of fun things.

1. First I went to James Island to see what was left of Fort Johnson. The Department of Natural Resources sits on the property now and there isn’t much remaining from the old fort. I’ve never seen anything advertised about this location, but happened to stumble upon some information in the Charleston City Paper which peaked my interest. The paper mentioned there was a memorial on site where the first shot of the Civil War occurred.

At the very end of the property there was indeed a large, stone monument marking the historic spot. It was pretty interesting to be standing in spot that has that much history behind it. Behind the monument was a small pathway down to the water where you could see Fort Johnson’s target quite clearly – Fort Sumter. This website shows a shot of the old fort with Sumter in the background. The whole thing was pretty cool. It was also really quiet there, which is rare for a landmark in Charleston.

Also on the property was a building and two cisterns which remained from the fort.

2. Next up was the Folly Beach Pier. The pier juts out pretty far into the ocean, which can make for some great views. It was starting to get a little chilly and the breeze from the ocean certainly didn’t help, so not much time was spent there. I’ve been to the beach numerous times and never stopped there, so I was happy to finally cross it off my list.

3. Finally, it was time for a stop at Jim ‘N Nick’s BBQ. Nothing says “the South” like some good BBQ and this place certainly had it. I went to the downtown location (it’s a mini-chain of sorts) and really enjoyed it. The building has that “old-timey” feel with vintage relics and photographs throughout the restaurant. I opted for the pulled-pork sandwich and it was really good. The meat itself was fantastic¬† – it was moist, soft and pretty much melted in my mouth (twss!). The regular BBQ sauce was pretty good, but probably not the best I’ve had. I tried out the Chipolte version and it was damn spicy!

It was nice to cross a few more things off the list, but there are plenty left to go!

I also need to thank Joan from Charleston Daily Photo who helped quiet my curiosity about some Charleston history. I noticed a lot of the houses in the downtown area had some strange looking chimneys (here) and wanted some more information on them. Why? I have no idea. I just like every and all pieces of historic Charleston I guess…in any event, I knew Joan shares my interest in the Holy City, it’s history, and it’s quirks and thought she might have some interesting tidbits about these structures.

She let me know that 1. Her own home at this type of structure and 2. That she would e-mail a professor from that College of Charleston she knew to get more information.

For those interested, I found out via Joan and the professor, that “they are to block sparks from flying so freely.” Apparently, there were a number of fires that lead to this innovation.

So, Joan, thanks again for satisfying my random, nerdy question!


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Family Circus

I was bummed that my awesome weekend in West Palm Beach was over, but my disappointment was short-lived as my family arrived in Charleston late on Sunday night. I was so excited to see them and what made their visit even better was the fact that I was on vacation during it. I didn’t have to miss out on any time with them.

The fam rented out a house near my apartment and it was incredibly nice. We didn’t spend much time hanging around their place though. We spend most of the time sight-seeing, going to the beach, and eating at various restaurants.

I was able to knock-out two new stops on my Charleston Tour, as well as visit some old favorites.

Behold, the bullet list.

Fort Sumter: I’ve been wanting to visit Fort Sumter for some time now. The first shots of the Civil War were fired at Fort Sumter, so it has a lot of historical significance. Fort Sumter is essentially an extremely tiny island that completely consists of the base. The base was heavily destroyed during the war and was still controlled by the military until the 1960s, so there was never any real recovery effort. Despite this, there are still many remaining pieces of history including cannons, original structures, and the American flag that flew during the initial battle. It was actually fairly interesting.
One of the best parts was the boat ride to and from the fort. We got to cruise through the Charleston Harbor on a beautiful day. You could see the Cooper River Bridge, the Battery, James Island, and other great sights. We saw a bunch of dolphins which was definitely a highlight. It was also fun to watch the Pelicans and seagulls dive bomb into the water after fish.

California Dreaming: Restaurant on the Ashley River. The place looks like a small castle and sits right on the water. There were huge windows facing the water, which provided for some great views. Otherwise the place wasn’t all that exciting.

Vickery’s On Shem Creek – I returned to this restaurant that overlooks Shem Creek. My family really seemed to enjoy it, so that made it that much better. After we ate we walked on the docks by the shrimping boats.

Noisy Oyster – We went to the location by Market Street downtown. I really like the open windows that face the street so you can see the Market and passing traffic, but the food was good too. I chowed down on some crab legs, which were damn good. I definitely want to back soon!

Sticky Fingers: My family always gets this when they come down and I don’t blame them. It’s a well known BBQ place that has delicious pulled pork, ribs, and wings.

Ye Olde Fashioned Ice Cream & Sandwich Cafe – This place is known for its greasy portions of diner-type food, but their ice cream is also quite popular. We stopped their for some ice cream during their visit.

Charleston Tea Plantation – It sound nerdy, but this place is actually kind of fun. This is the only tea plantation in America and they make a great product. The tour involves hopping on a trolley which brings you around the actual plantation then a quick walking tour through the factory. Our tour guide gave me some of the best advice I’ve ever heard “Start your day slow and taper off from there.”

We also went to Folly Beach a couple times, which was fun – mostly because I didn’t get burned for once. My dad was like a damn expert scuba diver out there. Every time he came back from the water he had seashells, hermit crabs, sand dollars, or starfish he found.

It was a great visit with the family and I was sad to see them go after their week was up. I really like my current home and I’m proud to show it off to them, but I do miss them a lot. I wish we were all in the same place, but I’m not ready to leave this awesome city.


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Sushi Expansion

I was publicly murdered by a few of you and privately by some other friends due to my lack of Sushi experience. Geez, you’re all a little sensitive about your raw fish. You will be happy to know that I soon expanded upon my Sushi-eating experience.

My Tour of Charleston continued with a couple new visits and some repeats, but first I just wanted to inform you guys that my “About” page has been updated with some new places and a few new people that will probably be sprouting up in the coming days/weeks.

1. On Saturday, a group of my friends (and some strangers) were going out to say goodbye to JF by celebrating in downtown Charleston. JF was a friend of mine from UConn who has lived down here for about three years. She is moving to San Fran to live with her boyfriend (in the military..shocker) who is now stationed there. Due to work (grumble) I was late to the gathering. I met the gang at one of my favorite places – Rooftop bar at the Market Pavilion Hotel.

It has a great view of downtown Charleston and the surrounding rivers, but on this night it was a little bit too hot out. Despite being 10 pm when I arrive, it was still a good 80+ degrees out. It was good to see CF, Swan, JKru, My Hero and Hero’s wife.
The girls wanted to go to a terrible college bar, so My Hero, his wife, JKru and I opted to go to some more lowkey locations.

Next up was Kaminsky’s, which I had never been to. It’s known as a dessert place and I could see why. Everything looked delicious, but I opted to have a couple drinks instead. The place kinda smelled musty and our “waiter” gave us our checks before we were ready to leave. A little perturbed we moved on…

TBonz was our final stop for the evening. This place is known for steak, but given the late hour it was booze only. I was quite okay with this. The folks who went to the stupid bar joined us here after they realized that the other bar is lame (go figure).

Anyway, I love when places brew their own beer, so I was pumped to discover TBonz is one of those places. I tried the Market Street Wheat, which was excellent but was soon on my way back home. I left earlier than everyone else because I had to be at work the next day. All-in-all a fun night in which I got to visit two new places!

2. I was off on Monday and Tuesday, so I was anxious to hang out with friends. On Monday I went to Wasabi (the place I got sushi from the other day) with CF, JF, and CF’s newest military guy (snicker). Actually, I like this one, but that’s besides the point.

This time around I ordered a crab roll and the spicy tuna roll, which two people suggested. The crab roll was okay, but I was really disappointed when I saw that it was imitation crab meat. LAME. The spicy tuna roll definitely lived up to its name, but I enjoyed it.

So I got some “real” sushi this time around and plan on expanding even further the next time I go.

3. That night CF and I met My Hero and his wife out at Folly Beach. We went to Snapper Jack’s which is great, chill beach bar. Despite its beach-bum-feel, it actually has some good food. I ordered the fried monteray cheese cubes and prayed it would not instantly clog my arteries. I also enjoyed a few Sam Adams Summer Ale. The night ended with us blowing a few bucks on the Naughty “What’s different between these two pictures” game. It’s naughty because boobies are involved. A great drunk game to be sure.

4. The next night GPiC and Duggs (seriously, go to the About page for descriptions) invited me to Madra Rua – an Irish Pub located in North Charleston. I had never been before, so I was excited to check it out. These guys always go here for Sunday Brunch, but I would probably frequent it for dinner and drinks. The place is extremely lowkey (at least on the weekdays) and has lots of private areas to sit, which I loved. It’s a little expensive but worth it. I didn’t get a chance to try any of the food, but it all sounded ridiculously good.

After a couple of drinks, I headed to the guys’ condo to hang with them and K-Lay. It was a quick visit but filled with tons of laughs as usual

5. My final stop on the Tour came yesterday after work. It was time to pick up Maggie (horray!) so I asked the Ex if she wanted to get some dinner with me. She had a lot of grad work to do, so we couldn’t go anywhere. Instead, I offered to pick up some food and bring it to her apt. I choose Poe’s Tavern. I won’t go into much detail because I cheated and didn’t actually sit down in the restaurant. However, seeing it made me want to get back there ASAP. More details after that occurs.

All-in-all quiet a busy few days. I probably spent more money than I should have, but I had a great time visiting a wide array of places with most of my friends.


Booze and the All-American are making separate trips down this weekend so I’m extremely excited for the debauchery that should be occurring.

Charleston Nine – Today was the two year anniversary of the fire in a furniture store that killed 9 Charleston firefighters. Although you may not even know about this issue, just take a look at the Wikipedia description for an overview. The store was only a few miles away from my first apartment and I used to see the remains of the tragedy quite frequently. The event occurred just before I moved down here so it was one of my first memories of this city and how caring/compassionate the people can be.


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