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Japan via Charleston

My tour of Charleston continued this week…well, sort of.

I went to Folly Beach (which I’ve done numerous times in the past) for the first time this summer. Got a little burned, but I guess slightly red is better than pasty white.

I also knocked another bullet point off my list of things to do. This event wasn’t exactly a Charleston “must-do,” but it was something I’ve been wanting to try for a while now.

I got sushi from Wasabi’s in Summerville.This was my first sushi/Japanese steakhouse experience and it turned out to be a good one. I had helped the Ex move some stuff from her old classroom to her new one and we decided to hang out with the puppy afterwards. We decided to get Wasabi’s, which she bought for me for my graduation present. I was very thankful for this gesture.

Sidenote – Things continue to go pretty well with the Ex and I. We are still good friends and we hang out from time to time. I still have fun with her and I’m enjoying our time together regardless of where it leads. I am happy to still have her in my life even if it’s not an ideal situation.

Sidenote 2 – I finished grad school. I’m super smart now.

Anyway, she recommended a few things and since I was scared of it all, I took her advice. We got Hibachi Filet Mignon which was delicious and a California Roll. People always rave about sushi, so I was expecting a lot. I was slightly letdown. It wasn’t bad by any means, but it didn’t knock my socks off. Maybe I just need to try some different types, which I intend on doing.

Any suggestions?

I had photographic evidence of my sushi experience, but it was less than flattering, so you’ll just have to take my word for it.


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Twilight: A Snowman Love Story

I decided to watch “Twilight” to see what all the hype was about. About 10 minutes in, I realized how grave my mistake was.

Being the eternal optimist that I am (pff), I opted to make the best of my self-imposed torture.

I started tweeting (how nerdy am I?) about my issues with the movie. I decided this may make for good blog-fodder, so it will be posted below for your reading pleasure.

I would apologize to Bethis for my Twilight-bashing, but her blog died. Her blog succumbed to the most common of causes for blog-death: its writer met a love interest.

But I digress…

“For some reason I’m watching Twilight. I regret this choice. This film has issues. I will detail them for ur enjoyment or boredom, whichever”
…six minutes later…
1. How come no one seems to notice how pale the vampires are? It’s like glaringly obvious. It’s worse than an albino…”

2. This movie is way too teen angsty”

3. Okay. Seriously. It looks like Edward Cullen is made out of ice. He’s so white he is clear.”

4. Kristen Stewart is CLEARLY Jena Malone. Who are they trying to fool? Photographic proof will be my next tweet”


…I decided to stop tweeting at this point and continue the list here…

a. So…when vampires go into the sunlight they become glittery? Something about a vampire with gems glued to him isn’t all that frightening.

b. Note to girl in the movie – When a vampire says he’s never wanted someone’s blood more than yours, follows that up by imploring you not to trust him and then proceeds to compare you to heroin…you should run away, not try to befriend him.

c. So even if they fall in love…what happens when she gets older and he just stays 17? Is he gonna stay with her when she hits 50? My money is on him biting her no lter than her 30th birthday.

d. “This isn’t real! stuff like this doens’t exist!” – as she looks at a large river in the forest. She is easily impressed…and apparently doesn’t get out much.

e. Vampires play baseball..who knew?

f. I guess if you are going to get poisoned, it would help to have a vampire for a boyfriend.

g. So your daughter goes out with a boy and ends up in the hospital with broken bones…so you still let her go out with him a second time…

That movie was terrible.


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Obligatory I have nothing to talk about so I’ll just make a bullet list post

Things That Make My Life Happy Right Now

1. Tequila

2. Rachel Maddow

3. Whiskey Sour

4. My puppy

5. South Carolina weather

6. Friends

7. The coasters my Grandma made me

8. “Crazy Easy” by dmb

9. Sleeping in

10. Not working

11. Amy Poehler

12. KFC grilled chicken

13. Learning some notes on my guitar

14. Cop-out blog posts

15. Discussions about the Mooninites

16. Blackberry Messenger

17. My finger tips being numb from guitar lessons
Stuff Making Me Sad

1.  Lack of Drewbear

2. Scrubs season finale

3. Fast food restaurants closing super early in my town

4. I didn’t feel the mini earthquake that hit my town today

5. Missing my family

6. Finding out something that you wish would forever leave your mind

7. Probably going to miss Alkaline Trio/Saves the Day on Friday


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I freakin hate my job for so many reasons. It took all of 5 minutes on my first day back after an awesome vacation to have my attitude completely ruined.

About six hours into my shift one of my coworkers said, “Dude, you gonna smile today? I haven’t seen you smile at all.” This is how annoyed I have been. My coworkers generally believe I am a good-spirited  person who is always trying to have fun, but lately they’ve noticed my complete turnaround.

Something else that has  been adding to my crappy mood: I was slightly disappointed with some of my home friends. Despite my advanced warning to most of them that I was going to be home on those specific dates, their effort to see me was piss-poor. It was just sad. I greatly appreciated seeing the ones I did see and the effort that some friends put in, even if we couldn’t get plans together.

1. The Fate of the Blog – I am going to keep this up and running for the time being, but this is still under investigation.
2. CSB – OVER. Before I left for home I had already come to that decision. The whole situation was fun at first and it helped me gain some desperately needed confidence, but honestly this was never going anywhere. We’ve barely spoken since I went home, which furthered my opinion of the situation. Meh. I hope it at least made for some good reading.

Good Things to close out the journal so you guys don’t think I go home and cry myself to sleep every night
1. The home trip was great. It was ridiculously relaxing and I got to spend some QT with the family who I miss more than words could describe. The highlight of the trip was going to the casino with them. We had dinner at Jordan’s Steakhouse which was freakin incredible. We had Filet Mignon which was so damn good it was melting in my mouth (that’s what she said?) and some lobster mashed potatoes which were surprisingly delicious.
We then gambled our money away. The best was when we were all taking turns on a slot machine. It was fun to be laughing and cheering with them. It’s funny, when we lost money we would let out a huge sigh or disapproving groan, but you could tell we really didn’t care.
2. My parents’ new puppy may have been the cutest thing ever. I spent a lot of time playing with her. She’s still a little baby so she’s super curious which lead to some great learning experiences for her – Things like running snout first into a person hurts your nose a lot were promptly internalized.
3. I got my dmb tickets in the mail this week!!! I have second row for the show in Charlotte and I am wishing away the days until the concert.


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I am still in CT and it’s been excellent so far. I have been sleeping in, taking naps, and just being super lowkey. I would not want it any other way. I needed a break from my job, my current stresses, and just general blahness that had been bugging me for the last week or so.

It’s been great to see my family and tomorrow is the BIG day. UConn is playing in the Final Four and I’m heading to the casino to meet up with a group of friends. I can’t wait.

Sorry for the boring update, but I just felt like checking in. I hope you all have a great weekend!


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Tecate and Fish Tacos

I am currently enjoying my second day off from work and nursing a very slight hangover. I am very much okay with this slight hangover because it is the last remaining remanats from my birthday. I despise my birthday because it means I’m another year older and the farther away I get from 21, the sadder I am. I’m on the bottom sides of my 20s and that freaks me the hell out.

But enough about that. Despite my hatred for growing older, I do not mind going out to celebrate!

I gathered some friends together at Taco Boy, which is the little Mexican restaurant on Folly Beach. They serve fish tacos and have one of my favorite beers (Tecate), so this place is pretty much the most awesome place ever. In fact, it is my favorite restaurant ever.

There was about nine of us there and I had a really good time. We got a couple shots of Tequila, ordered some beers and ate some yummy food. As usual there was a lot of laughs shared and I couldn’t have been happier to be out with friends. After dinner I went to Snapper Jack’s, which is a bar across the street. There were four of us there just having a few more beers and hanging out.

Despite growing a year older, my birthday was a great success.


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Fix me in 45

I’m taking a break from my recent CSB kick…

1. Had a good talk with one of my good friends (DG) tonight and he gave me some good insight into therapy and his history with it. It was good to get his opinion and all just talk like we used to back in college during the wee hours of the night.

2. Courtney from Sex and the Traveling Satchel is a genius and a good friend. I never thought I would say that about someone I never actually met in person, but I’m glad I can.

3. ARod testing positive for steroids may have ruined baseball for me.

4.  I hung out with the Ex today because I had to go to her neck of the woods to pick up the puppy. We tried to go to the best restuarant ever (Taco Boy), but it was freakin closed. I was super pissed. We (okay, mostly she) made chicken parm and we watched Obama’s speech and 24 before I made my way home.

5. I was going through the online journal I kept in college and stumbled upon my old compositions (some would say poems…but please don’t be one of those some) and it made me miss the days would I would sit at my computer, turn off the lights, turn on some music and just write. I would say these old compositions range from terrible to decent. I will give you a taste. This one was from 2003 and was, sadly, one of the last ones I ever wrote. I can’t believe this is almost six years old now. I think it had some good parts but was borderline nonsensical. If I didn’t tell you I wrote it, I could possibly pass it off as genius to a high school class. Anything that is confusing and makes no sense is genius…right?

"Webster's Definition of Latent"
Composition # 73 - Originally titled "You & Me"

You and me -
to the last gasping breath,
forever exhausting mutual adoration.
We never say die,
even when this belongs six feet down.
Reason silenced by desire,
conviction found in love -
with screaming fine print (Mine - for now).
Infatuation still bleeds out from our veins,
so we exalt every potential ender.
Words surrender as inferior -
Entangled lips,
legs wrapped tightly around my waist,
thighs resting on my hips,
and hands clenching my back
bring substance to our promises.
The taste of fleeting perfection reminds
why we don't abandon "us"
...to genuine to dismiss.
So we continue to drain the air of all its emotion,
always breathing in the aura of summer rains.


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No longer cool, but a boy in a stitch

The past month has been Hell on my already deflated self-esteem.

Example # 1: TSA Agent at Hartford Airport after studying my license and my face for like 5 minutes
“Is this your little brother’s ID?”

Example # 2: Hotel Employee in DC later that night referring to the same license and apparently haggard face
“Is this a really old picture of you?”
“Well it’s about a year old…”

Example # 3: Friend from CT responding to my Facebook pictures from this weekend
“Why do you look like you are 10?”

Example # 4: The Ex’s scale in her bathroom
It read a lot less pounds than expected. Apparently, I’ve lost a crap ton of weight and didn’t even realize it. For those who had the displeasure of seeing me in person, you know I don’t have weight to lose.

So, apparently I am withering away.

And I look really old to airport and hotel workers, but super young to friends.

I am not posting this to fish for compliments or anything, so please don’t get that impression. These are just some correlated events from the past month or so that have been slightly confusing/upsetting/unexpected and I felt like writing about them because I’ve been in a kinda blah mood during these late nights. I promise witty/more interesting posts will return. Bare with me through my ‘Woe is me’ stage. I go through phases every few weeks, especially when I am single, so be prepared for blog mood swings. Probably by tomorrow I’ll be talking about how awesome and irresistable I am.

God, I’m so emo. Cue the “old school” Dashboard Confessional.


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Die Young and Save Yourself

I would be remiss if I did not mention the Inauguration of President Barack Obama. Although the whole inauguration thing can be quite boring, I was sure to catch parts of it throughout my day. I have been a supporter of President Obama since before he announced his intentions to run for President. After the demoralizing election of 2004 and the God awful last 8 years, I was elated this past November.

No one person has ever given me immense pride in my country, made me have faith in politicians, made me believe good people can finish first, and even made me want to be a better person than President Obama has. I know that sounds cheesy, but it’s true. I am extremely excited to see what he can do over the next four years. I don’t expect any miracles, but I do expect him to run the country with honor.

Due to the inauguration, there have been a lot of shows dedicated to the history of our Presidency. So, of course, I’ve been Tivoing a bunch of them and am super hooked. I am also a super dork.

Okay, on to this weekend…

My dear friends, The All-American and Samsonite (Samsonite? I was way off!) came down to the Low Country for a weekend that promised to be filled with debauchery. Samsonite is a good friend of mine that I met in college.
A mutual friend, EM, came down as well. Her and I became better friends after a friend’s wedding back in September. I was definitely really excited for all the visitors, as well as the fact that I would be able to hang out with my friends down here – CF, Swan and some others.
Sadly, the weekend turned into a mild disappoint for a few reasons. It was awesome to see my friends, but there were some let downs.

Friday – Easily the best day. Samsonite, EM, Swan, CF and CF’s pseudo boyfriend gathered at my awesome bachelor pad  and literally rocked out to Rock Band 2 for a good majority of the afternoon/early evening. I was having a great time, but was getting a weird vibe from CF’s pseudo boyfriend. He was (no surprise here) a military guy. I tend to dislike guys and military guys (at least the one’s my girl friends tend to hang with) are my most hated. “Thanks for serving my country and all, but you are still a dick.”

In any event, things went fairly well and he actually seemed to be an okay guy, despite the weird vibe I got. We ended up going to Mellow Mushroom where we met some other friends for pizza and beer. We then went to Burn’s Alley which is becoming one of my favorite bars. I had a blast playing the Buck Hunter video game with the guys, taking pictures and just laughing with friends.

The night ended with an all-out Rock Band fest which was amazing. Everyone was completely rocking out and it was the most awesome thing ever.

Saturday – Nursed slight hangover, watched basketball and movies with friends, and then went to Fatz Cafe. Food there was pretty good and the conversation was even better. We ended up at Henry’s, which is a pretty relaxing bar in downtown Charleston.
This is when I started to get a little bummed. The girls all wanted to go to a college-type dancing bar, I found out Weasel McDouchebag was at another chill bar that I wanted to go to and now couldn’t, and everyone seemed to be pairing off. Samsonite and myself were the only ones who didn’t have significant other or, at least, someone catching our eye.
The Ex, after telling me about the whereabouts of Weasel, then told me she had no plans. I told her she could meet up with us if she wanted to. I probably did this out of loneliness. I did not have any romantic or even lust-related thoughts about this, but I knew that she would at least bring up my spirits a little. She ended up meeting up with us and it did help me.

But things got crappy. We went to a hotel after the bars closed because CF’s pseudo boyfriend got a room there. He became a major douche at this point which verified my weird vibe I got from him earlier. He proceeded to get super drunk and insult every single one of us. He made some broad comments about how stupid East Coasters are and some other related bullshit.

On another crappy note. I don’t remember all of what he did because I had gotten super hammered. I ended up not feeling well, puking outside of the hotel, and had the Ex taking care of me. This was super nice of her considering she could have been out with Weasel who was probably not wasted off his ass and puking outside of a hotel.

I woke up in her bed the next morning. I swear to all of you bloggers nothing happened. I repeatedly thanked her for her kindness and offered her my washer/dryer for the day as well as lunch from Zaxby’s. She took me up on that offer.

So, although I had a good time with most of my friends, the actions of CF’s pseudo boyfriend, my super drunkeness and the lack of scandal made me kinda bummed as this week began. It’s hard to explain, but I just feel so old. I am so over all of that drunken drama. I’m tired of douche bag guys acting tough when drunk. I’m tried of the games people play when drunk. I’m tired of acting like I’m 21 every once in a while and puking outside of a hotel after drinking too much. I don’t know how to really explain myself clearly, but I’m just kinda bummed out by the whole weekend.
I know this journal was rambling and didn’t make much sense and I’m sorry for that. I kinda hoped by writing about the weekend I would feel better, but for once, I do not.

I feel like I’m at a plethora (double word score) of crossroads in my life and instead of choosing paths at each of these crossroads, I’m just laying in the middle, refusing to move. I don’t know where to go, what to do, what I want, or who I really want to be. And I feel like I am running out of time.

Of course there is the ever present battle between the old me and the new me going on. Thankfully, it feels like the new me has been winning out.

Ugh. Go read something more worthwhile. I apologize for wasting your time…


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If I’m just bad news, than you’re a liar

She said
“Don’t, don’t let it go to your head
Boys like you are dime a dozen
Boys like you are dime a dozen”
She said
“You’re a touch overrated,
You’re a lush and I hate it,
But these grass stains on my knees
They won’t mean a thing”

Sorry, been listening to some Taking Back Sunday this AM…anyway, nothing entertaing to report today…

I have three friends coming down today/night and I can’t freakin wait. Should be some great stories to report on once the weekend is complete.

I hope you all have an awesome weekend!


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