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I freakin hate my job for so many reasons. It took all of 5 minutes on my first day back after an awesome vacation to have my attitude completely ruined.

About six hours into my shift one of my coworkers said, “Dude, you gonna smile today? I haven’t seen you smile at all.” This is how annoyed I have been. My coworkers generally believe I am a good-spirited  person who is always trying to have fun, but lately they’ve noticed my complete turnaround.

Something else that has  been adding to my crappy mood: I was slightly disappointed with some of my home friends. Despite my advanced warning to most of them that I was going to be home on those specific dates, their effort to see me was piss-poor. It was just sad. I greatly appreciated seeing the ones I did see and the effort that some friends put in, even if we couldn’t get plans together.

1. The Fate of the Blog – I am going to keep this up and running for the time being, but this is still under investigation.
2. CSB – OVER. Before I left for home I had already come to that decision. The whole situation was fun at first and it helped me gain some desperately needed confidence, but honestly this was never going anywhere. We’ve barely spoken since I went home, which furthered my opinion of the situation. Meh. I hope it at least made for some good reading.

Good Things to close out the journal so you guys don’t think I go home and cry myself to sleep every night
1. The home trip was great. It was ridiculously relaxing and I got to spend some QT with the family who I miss more than words could describe. The highlight of the trip was going to the casino with them. We had dinner at Jordan’s Steakhouse which was freakin incredible. We had Filet Mignon which was so damn good it was melting in my mouth (that’s what she said?) and some lobster mashed potatoes which were surprisingly delicious.
We then gambled our money away. The best was when we were all taking turns on a slot machine. It was fun to be laughing and cheering with them. It’s funny, when we lost money we would let out a huge sigh or disapproving groan, but you could tell we really didn’t care.
2. My parents’ new puppy may have been the cutest thing ever. I spent a lot of time playing with her. She’s still a little baby so she’s super curious which lead to some great learning experiences for her – Things like running snout first into a person hurts your nose a lot were promptly internalized.
3. I got my dmb tickets in the mail this week!!! I have second row for the show in Charlotte and I am wishing away the days until the concert.


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The Hazards of Love

Where to begin, where to begin…

Do I go with the story that will garner the most attention first? Or Last?

The fate of my journal could rest on this decision.

1. I had a great day on Saturday. I went to Buffalo Wild Wings with Swan and CF to watch the UConn game. Afterward we met up with another friend and hung at my apartment. We watched some TV and attempted to skateboard. No one was injured, so we’ll consider that a great success.

That night I went to my friend, KL’s house. I brought CF, Swan, and two other friends to her house. We also hung out with her two neighbors. I freakin love hanging with KL and her two friends. They are always a riot. We just sat around and drank. We shared stories, asked each other random questions and just had a blast.

Side note – KL’s neighbors are a young, gay couple and they both said I was hot. Now, they had beer goggles on at the time, but I’ll take any compliment I can get. That now brings the total number of girls to call me hot this month to a solid zero and the number of guys to call me hot up to two. Yes! Sort of…Whatever I’m an attention whore, I’ll take it.

2. Sigh. Cute Starbucks Barista is confusing. We’ve talked on the phone and/or texted each other almost every day, but when I mentioned hanging out, she always had a reason why she could not. It’s hard to say how truthful she is, but I want to believe what she says. I know she is a ridiculously busy person – two jobs, school, dance, etc. but I felt like if she wanted to, she could make time to hang out.

I decided I was gonna back off.  I know, typical guy move. Of course, no sooner do I make this decision and she calls me and we talk for like an hour. However, our conversations sometimes go back to the hanging out thing and it never gets anywhere. She also mentions how she went on a date with a guy a few weeks back. These seem like bad signs.

On top of the age thing and these bad signs, she’s also planning on going to school in Columbia (an hour away) next year. She mentioned not being sure if she wants a relationship before transferring there. And today she mentioned not being into the whole “just having fun” thing.

She obviously wants to talk to me because it’s not always me who instigates it. What the hell is going on? Did I already fall into the friend zone?

Maybe she was never interested and just enjoys attention/being friends? Or maybe she was interested but the whole age difference thing kinda freaks her out so she’s afraid to move it past being friends?

I mean, I have no idea what I feel about her, but from what little I know so far, I like. She’s fun to talk to and we seem to get along well. I would like to actually hang out. As you can see the whole situation is strange. I’m not sure what to make of it or what to do.


3. Things with the Ex have gone oddly well. That is until Friday…

As usual, she came to pick up the puppy (she gets her on the weekends…yea, I know it sounds like I’m talking about two parents going through a divorce and spitting time with a child), but she asked if she could do laundry at my place. She doesn’t have a washer or dryer (I got them in the break-up), so I’ll usually let her use them. I was going to be at work the whole time, so it didn’t bother me.

When I came home that night, she was still there and was visibly bothered by something. I asked her what was wrong and she kept repeating “nothing.” It was clear she was lying for whatever reason. I soon noticed that my computer was on. It was off when I went to work.

I sat at my computer and asked her again to tell me what was wrong. She said it was nothing so I looked at my browser history. I quickly saw that she was on Facebook. I am autologged in, so when she went to the site she was able to see my information. I noticed she had look at my Inbox. Awesome.

I asked her again what was wrong and if she was sure there was nothing she wanted to tell me. She again told me nothing. I then asked: “You know I can see the history on my computer right?”

She then confessed. I was angry and annoyed, but I didn’t make that huge of a deal out of it. I mean, if I used her computer and went to facebook and was autologged in to her account, I’d be extremely tempted to snoop. What I did not know was what was exactly bothering her. The only two messages she could be upset about were to Bloggy and a friend I used to work with.

The message to Bloggy mentioned hanging out when I was home with her and Shorty. I assumed this was it.

Surprisingly, I was wrong. The message to the friend I used to work with was the culprit. I was talking to her about her recent break-up with her boyfriend. In the message I mentioned how the Ex and I still hang out and it was going well. But I made some comment about how it seemed we might be hanging out because it was comfortable and not because there was any excitement/spark left. Since the Ex and I are not hooking up, I thought this was obvious to her.

She said she knew this was the case, but had never heard me admit to it. She was bothered by the fact, that I had finally caved and admitted we had lost the so-called magic.

We talked for a little bit and then she went home. It was odd. It’s human nature to want your Ex to still want you. It’s a comfort thing. You don’t want them to move on because they could be your back-up. Or things could turn around. I can understand that feeling and that’s what appears was going on in her mind I guess.

You’d think at 26 I’d have all this relationship business figured out.



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I’m Not Comfortable in My Own Skin

It’s been a little since I’ve updated, but that’s mostly because there is not too much going on.

Quick Updates on the proverbial issues…

Work – Still a major pain in the ass. If it wasn’t for my work friends and day dreaming about upcoming events I don’t know if I could survive throughout the day.

Dog – The pup has been getting into a lot of trouble lately. She has gotten into the trash, taken every single sock I own and threw them around my room, attempted and subsequently caught a bird in her mouth, and continues to bug me every 5 minutes to go outside. I don’t know what her deal is, but I still love the mutt.

School – I am finishing up my most recent course and I only have one left! I will be done in May and officially the smartest person at work (on paper).

Apartment – Bought some more stuff and decorated a little. I still have a ways to go, but it is getting there.

Girls – Same old here too.
Cute Starbucks Barista
We’ve done some chatting via text and she called me the other night and talked to me for about 45 minutes. I learned a lot about her and to be honest I am rarely remind of the age thing. She doesn’t seem immature, but every once in a while she mentions something that is going on in her life that reminds me of her age. She is always crazy busy so it’s damn near impossible to actually see her and I don’t know if I want to try and make plans. I said I would let her handle all that because I didn’t want to seem pushy – again, due to the age thing it could be perceived wrong. Does that make sense?
The Ex – We continue to hang out from time to time and everything is fine. No arguments, no “us” talks, no drama. It’s just nice. Two best friends hanging out. Sure, it can be confusing (and no there is nothing physical that has happened), but I’m happy with the situation.
The Avid Texter – She had the baby (remember she was a surrogate) and has been quite MIA because of that. She started texting me today, so it looks like she will be back in full force. She is aware of the CSB and seems to be cool with it, so maybe my worries about her liking me were false. This would be good, because she was fun to hang out with.

Upcoming Excitement
-I am off this weekend so I’m trying to get some awesome plans in order. I hope to go out drinking with friends at least one night and maaaaaybe I can try and sneak something with CSB in there. We’ll see though.
-April 1-7th: I will be back in beautiful Connecticut to see my family and friends. I can not wait to see everyone. I also have plans to meet up with Shorty and Bloggy! I’m really excited to be Shorty who has been one of my best friends for years. I am equally excited to be meeting Bloggy! I doubt our plans will be as epic as Bloggy’s recent endeavors, but that’s okay. We can’t all be rockstars.
-April 24 – dmb in Charlotte!!! I’m still hoping to get enough money to get 4th row seats like last year. That was one of the best experiences of my life.

I hope you are all having a great week!


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First we caffeinate then incinerate

Cute Starbucks Barista was the “star” of my blog for a couple of weeks and I am pleased to announce she is back!

There has been nothing really interesting to report. I would see her every once in a while and we would chat like we had in the past, but I didn’t feel like boring everyone with each and every conversation we had.

These conversations were pretty typical of the ones I reported previously. There were so many occasions when I wanted to give her my number, but it just never seemed appropriate because she was always working. I had to think of another way….

A couple visits in a row she asked me when I was going to give her a free phone, so I finally thought of an idea. Be forewarned, it’s incredibly corny…

We had a shipment of merchandise arrive on Monday and I was going through it to see what new stuff we got. Inside these shipments there is almost always some dumby phones. These look just like the feel thing but don’t actually work. We tend to give these out to little kids when they are in the store and begging their mom and dad to play with their phones.

When I stumbled upon these, I thought it would be kinda funny and maybe, just maybe slightly cute to give the fake phone to CSB and tell her it was the free phone she’s been asking for. I also figured I could leave a little note with it or my card or something. Cheesy? Yea. Cop-Out? Probably. Original? Maybe. I just figured this was a good way to show her I’d like to talk outside of our jobs, but not embarrass her or get her in trouble at work. Okay enough defending my wussy choice…

After some casual chitchat…

Me: “Oh! I almost forgot, I’ve got a surprise for you.”
CSB: “You do? Oooh what is it? A free phone?”
Me: “Maybe. I can’t say.”
CSB: “Why not?”
Me: “Because it’s a surprise and I want to add to the suspense. It’s more fun that way.”
CSB: “Oh no! Come on! You have to tell me what it is now!”
Me: “Nope. You’ll just have to wait until the end of your shift. Just check your car before you leave today.”

(Side note – the Starbucks people and my coworkers all park in the same area. We all pretty much know each other by face and car, so that was not as creepy as it probably just sounded to you guys).

I then take my drink (which she made a Grande, even though I ordered a Tall..sweet!), give her a flirty smile and start to walk out. However, I then hear a guy calling my name. I turn around and see two of the Starbucks guys calling me back into the store. I walk over..

Starbucks Dude: “Hey you single?”
Me: ‘Um, yea, I am…”
Awkward silence ensues…
Me: “Are you asking for yourself…or…”
SD: “No, no. Just trying to help my girl out. You just made her blush.”
Me: “What?”
SD: “Yea she just ran into the back and was blushing..”
Me: “Oh haha, well tell her I’m sorry I made her blush.”
SD: “Nah man, it’s a good thing.”

I soon walk out, grab the phone, write a little note about how I hope she enjoys this free phone she’s been asking for, and if she has any problems with it, she should call her local Verizon rep, attach the note and my card to the phone and leave it on her car’s windshield.

I ran a couple errands and went home.

A few hours later my phone rings. I look at the caller ID which is displaying a number I’ve never seen..

Me: “Hello?”
Caller: “Hey, is this Extremely Witty?”
Me: “Yes..”
Caller: “Hey, it’s Cute Starbucks Barista. Thank you for the free phone! It’s really awesome!”

YES!!!!!!!!!!!! VICTORY!!!

I was super pumped.

We talked for like 10-15 minutes. I mentioned how I wanted to give her my number but didn’t want to do it while she was working. She said that was probably a good idea, but thought it may have been okay. We also talked about some other stuff that’s probably boring to you. The main point was the conversation ended with her saying I could call/text her anytime I wanted and I told her the same.

To add to my elation she requested my friendship on facebook and ended up texting me before the night was over.

Awesome right?

This is where it goes somewhat South…

She texted me because she saw that Swan was one of my friends on FB. Swan is a college friend of mine who is now a teacher at the local high school. Turns out Swan was CSB’s chemistry teacher! CSB is only 18 freakin years old AND one of my best friends was her HIGH SCHOOL TEACHER. Ugh.

My sweet victory was oh-so short-lived.

Via text I told her I knew she was younger than me, but not by that much. She said something like “Its just funny and reminds me how much younger I am than you.” Double ugh.

Soon after the texting stops and I figure I’ll just leave it up to her. I would still like to talk to her but I don’t want to bug her if she thinks its weird. I know we aren’t talking about anything serious at all, but something like an 8 year age gap can scare some people off…even if it’s just being friends.

I wake up today and was still pretty pleased with how the whole thing played out. At some point this afternoon she texted me to say hey, so I guess I got my answer. We didn’t “talk” long, but I was happy to see she still wanted to talk outside of work.

So, who knows where this whole thing will go and I’m certainly not looking for anything specific. So the plan is…well the plan is to not have a plan. I’m just focused on having a new friend and it will play out from there.


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Pace the stairs to your apartment like it’s where you want to be

I have been quite disappointed in my entries as of late, but I just haven’t been feeling all that creative lately.

Nothing all that exciting has occured lately, so I haven’t been all that motivated to write.

-Cute Starbucks Barista has been fairly MIA over the last couple weeks so there has been zero movement there.
-No new girls have entered my life.
-Work has been frustrating, but nothing mind-numbingly stupid has forced me to go on a rant
-I’ve started another grad course (only two left!) so most of my nights are spent doing homework
-It seems my super awesome blogger friends have been MIA as well. Come back to me my babies!

Sadly, you the reader, suffer due to my boring life. I have some exciting plans in the works, so perhaps things will pick up!

March : Boring
April : Possible vacation home, dmb in Charlotte
May : Probable weekend trip home and NJ for the Bamboozle Festival with PiC and KC
June: Very distant possibility of a weekend trip home for dmb in Hartford with the little bro
August: Hopeful weekend trip to George, Washington for dmb at the Gorge with PiC and Samsonite

This weekend was pretty lowkey. The only event worth noting was my trip to John’s Island. Two of my friends (married couple) were having people at their condo for a game night. CF and Swan were going to be there, plus some folks I’ve never met. I figured it would be a nice balance of friends and newbies who could turn into friends, so I was excited. I picked up a bottle of wine and arrived around 830. We played a few different games, ate some food, had a few drinks and eventually just sat and talked about all sorts of different things. I had a really fun time and the newbies were all really nice and fun to hang around with.

Highlights of the night were my shear dominance at a game called Dirty Minds (that should come as no surprise) and ending the night with a game called “Would You Rather…?” This game presents two terrible situations and you have to choose which you would prefer. The game provided for some hilarious explanations. At the end of the night the couple let us know that they would be celebrating the husband’s birthday on Folly Beach this Friday night.

I left the condo quite happy. I had hung out with a group of friends (which I wasn’t sure I would have at any point after my breakup with the Ex), had a great time and met some new people. However, an uneasy feeling entered my mind on the drive home. The ages of the people at the condo ranged from 25-38. All of the new people were in their 30s and the husband is turning 38 on Friday. I got along really well with everyone, which was great, but it was weird that I could relate to people that were well into their 30s.

Now people in their 30s are not old by any stretch, but when I was in college, I would probably view them as such. Somehow I’ve become an adult. I can relate to people who talk about things like the economy and gas prices. What the hell happened? When did this occur? People who were in their late 20s or older always seemed rather foreign to me. They were this weird hybrid of a person. They could still go out and party, but not with the frequency of a college student. They had careers and were serious about life, but not as much as someone in their 40s or older.

Apparently, this is what I am now. There’s no denying that I’m a better, more reliable, more stable, and more responsible version of my former self and that’s a good thing…so why does this seem somewhat tragic to me.

I find myself reminiscing more and more about the past. I don’t just daydream about college or the later years of high school anymore though. I now focus on the memories of my youth as well. Everything seems so distant.

My friend posted videos of my guy friends playing wiffleball. It made me miss that time and them so much. I remember the “problems” I would have had at the time and they seem so ridiculous now. God, I miss those summers. I could believe it when I realized it was 5-6 years ago. I was also shocked to see that the composition Shorty referenced in my birthday entry was written seven freakin years ago.

Where is time going? When did life start to pass me by?


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Things are shaping up to be Pretty. Odd.

First doggie news…

1. I brought my puppy to the vet for her yearly shots and got some unexpected news. Her heart worm test came back slightly positive. It looks like we caught it in the early stages, but heart worm can be the doggie equivalent of cancer (which dogs can also get, so I guess that comparison doesn’t exactly work). The vet was pretty positive, so I think everything is going to be fine. I got some meds for her and in a few months she has to go for an overnight stay. I was pretty bummed the rest of the day, but she seems to be doing fine and hopefully everything will be good.

Here is a picture of my little pride & joy:


2. People who know my family know where I get my love for dogs from. My parents adore dogs just as much as I do and they proved this yet again by getting a new puppy!! My family’s last dog died a few months back and I knew it wouldn’t be long before some new puppy won them over. My brother sent me some pictures of her and she is freakin adorable. I can’t wait to go home and see her in person. She’s part Blue Heeler and the rest is kind of a mystery. Here is a picture my bro sent me…

img_0051Cutest. Thing. Ever.

Okay, now that I’ve lured you in with cute puppies, here the post about the woman in my life.

3. Two weekends ago, I just had to shake my head in disbelief at my current state of affairs involving girls. As I’m talking to my one of my best girl friends about a girl I find cute, my Ex, and another girl are texting me nonstop. One is saying she wishes she was with me, the other one seems to be jealous that I’m hanging out with another girl. It was ridiculous. Here’s the breakdown

Exhibit A::The Ex:: This situation is pretty clear to you guys. We’ve been broken up for nearly 6 months and in separate towns (about a half hour apart) for nearly 3 months. The drama over the breakup and the arrival of Weasel McDouchebag are pretty much distant memories at this point. In fact, The Ex pretty much hates McDouchebag now. She told me she never wanted a relationship with him, but he can’t seem to get that in his head. He is super clingy/needy and has caused nothing but drama in her life (and I don’t mean just with me). Her and I hung out on Sunday and she told me a lot about what had been going on. I was slightly surprised that his douchery has continued – I’m just glad she’s finally realized the extent of it. This also means I win. I am better than him – as if I needed that validation. Is this childish? Yes, but I don’t care.
Anyway, her and I have been getting along great and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss her. I certainly don’t want to be with her right now, but it’s hard not to think about her and what we had/could still have. We’ve been hanging out a lot more and texting more, but I’m going to try and cut back because although I cherish her friendship, this can only be bad. If we are ever to be together again, we need to be apart for a while.
She does text me things like “I don’t want to go out with the girls tonight, I just want to go to your apartment and watch TV with you and the dog. I just want to relax and be with you two.” The whole situation is confusing and its hard to move onto another girl when she is still so much in the picture.

Exhibit B::The Avid Texter:: Read up on the Avid Texter here. I cannot get a good read on this situation. She seems to get jealous when I hang out with the Ex or CF. However, when I told her about my interest in CSB (see below), she seemed to be really excited for me. Her texting has died down – probably because I don’t text her back as much as I used to, but the jealousy and weird comments still come out. If she isn’t making a sarcastic comment about CF, she’s asking me a bunch of questions about what I’m doing at that moment. When I say, “Watching a movie,” or “just hanging out,” it’s always followed by “With who?” Ugh. I really hope she doesn’t like me because the feeling is not mutual. I just want to be friends with her and I do not want any drama.

Exhibit C::Cute Starbucks Barista:: Things have slowed down to a near halt with CSB. After seeing her a bunch of times over the course of a week or so, I have barely seen her. I wish there would be some form of development here and I feel it will only happen if I make the move, so I need to get on that. The chase from a few weeks ago was so fun and invigorating to me and I need that feeling back. After not seeing her, I kinda fell back into the funk of work. I’ve had two run-ins with her since the last time I wrote about her.

I went in one day when she was on her way out. It was about two days after I cut my hair. I think it’s too short, so I dreaded seeing her when I went to get a coffee. She noticed my haircut and said she liked it and with that her and a coworker were on their way out the door. Quick interaction, but a much needed boost after hating my decision to cut my hair so short.

I went in today and she was working the drive-thru (of course). She said hi to me first with a big smile. After I ordered and she finished up with someone at the drive-thru, the following occurred.

Me: “How have you been?”
CSB: “Good!”
Me: “I haven’t seen you in a while”
CSB (at the exact same time): “Where’s my free phone?”
Me: “No no no. I am not selling you a phone. You told me you were a poor college kid and can’t afford it.”
CSB: “Yea, you’re right. I can’t afford it.”
And then she was back to work. It was going in the right direction – away from the whole cell phone crap, but she had to help someone. Damn people!
Another positive note did come out of the visit. While I was waiting for my drink, two girls came in. One of them used to work there and all the baristas were saying hi to her. CSB finished up with her customer and started to talk to the girl about hanging out sometime. At one point the girl asked her “Do you have a boy?” CSB’s response was a glorious “No.”

Other Exhibits:: These three are the only scenarios worth mentioning. There are some other incredibly minor situations that will probably never move past these weird thoughts in my head, so they would be silly to get into here.

So as you can see, these three women are keeping things interesting in my life. I guess that’s better than having a completely boring existence.


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Lost in Translation

1. I’m watching “Lost in Translation” (hence the title). I watched it back in 2004 or so and was in the mood to see it again. For those who haven’t seen it, you should definitely rent it.

2. I had a dirty dream involving Courtney from Sex and the Traveling Satchel. I’m not gonna share the details here, but I pretty much rocked her world.

3 . The title of this journal has another tie-in…

I thought maybe the Cute Starbucks Barista stories were becoming overkill, so I decided to take a break, but I’ve had a couple people ask me if there has been any updates. Despite my better judgment, I will share the latest interaction. Enjoy another addition to my growing list of failures.

On one of my days off this week, I decided to go through the drive-thru on the recommendation of one of you awesome bloggers. This idea was nothing short of brilliant. CSB was working the drive-thru and this situation seemed like nothing more than a coincidence.

CSB: “You’re total is (some insane amount of money for coffee)”
Me: “Oh, hey, what’s up?”
CSB: “Oh! You’re (says my name) aren’t you? I didn’t even recognize you, you look so different!”
Me: “Well, I’m not wearing my work clothes for once.”
CSB: (Reaches to get my change while saying..) “So, tell me about yourself, since I don’t know anything about you.”
Me: (Sheer panic as I never saw this coming) “Um..well, uh. As you know I work at Verizon, but I hate it. It’s not what I want to be doing.”
CSB: “What do you want to be doing?”
Me: “Something in radio or TV since that’s what I went to school for.”
CSB: “Oh really? That’s cool.”
Me: “What about you?”
CSB: “I’m going to school and majoring in dance and early childhood development”
(Praise God she’s in college and not high school)
Me: “Oh wow, that’s really interesting.”

At this point I was super stoked because she asked me to tell her about myself, remembered my  name and was chatting me up in the drive-thru line (granted there was no one behind me).
However, the conversation then turned to (ugh) cell phones. We talked about the deal she could get with Verizon, but she mentioned how it was still beneficial to stay with T-Mobile. Despite the change in convo, everything was going well. I literally had my business card with personal phone number on it in my hand ready to give it to her…

…but it all began to go wrong when she asked why she would want to pay more for Verizon. I responded by saying she would get better coverage and best of all, she would have me as her sales rep, so you can’t beat that. This comment was meant as a little playful, flirty joke, which I expected to be met with an equally flirty response. However, this comment was either not understood or not well received as she just looked confused. I quickly said something else to move passed that.

I, with business card still in hand, then asked why she was nervous the other day. She said she was worried I would pressure her into getting a phone. I told her I would never do that. Then she responded with “It kinda feels like you are.”

It was said somewhat playfully, but I immediately panicked and thought maybe she meant it. Each of our conversations involved phone talk because that’s how this whole thing began. I felt bad that she might actually feel that way.

So, as I said, I panicked, told her I would never pressure her into getting Verizon again, asked when she was working next (Thursday) and told her I’d probably see her since I go to Starbucks everyday.


I am so dumb and panic way too easily. As usual our interactions are part awesome and part confusing.

In any event, I did not see her working today, so I’m not sure what happened there.

So. There you have it. I am an epic fail. Again.

Hopefully these stories aren’t becoming overkill, but I think its fun to write about and I enjoy reading everyone’s responses.


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Coffee’s for Closers

…and I am not a closer. Ergo, I don’t deserve the aforementioned coffee.

In my last post, I told a story about my first interaction with Cute Starbucks Barista (see? there’s the proof) or the CSB as she has been affectionately nicknamed. Everyone who responded to the blog seemed to believe there was some level of interest on her end. I, of course, ate that stuff up, but was still ever the pessimist.

None-the-less I was a little excited as Friday rolled around. Okay, I’m a liar. I love the “chase,” in fact, sometimes I love the chase more than I love the end result. I’m a total sucker for this stuff. So, I was quite excited. During my free time I would day dream about how the possible interaction would go. To put it another way: I’m a huge dork.

However, my shift ended and there was no CSB in site. I hung my head as I made the long (3 min) drive home.

Saturday – I was much more relaxed as I had convinced myself that the CSB was not going to show. Sadly, I was right. To make matters worse, I went over to Starbucks at the end of my shift to get a coffee. I ordered a regular coffee from the guy working the register. He proceeds to give me it for free. What the hell? Is there some free coffee for me promotion that I wasn’t aware of? Or did I just discover why Starbucks is losing money like crazy? Or do I have two admirers there now? Or are they all just super nice to Verizon employees?

This solidified my belief that she was just being really nice on Thursday and it was silly of me to think anything else.

Sunday rolled around and I was in a really good mood. The weather was beautiful today and I did not really have any kind of anxiety issues, so the day was off to a good start. Work was going pretty well. I had a really good day sales-wise and around 2 o’clock something caught my eye…

The CSB was walking by our store and on her way into work. I debated heading over there and unsurprisingly I caved and went over a few hours later. CSB was there, but she was not working the register. She was busy making drinks and it was super busy in there. Essentially, I chose the worst time to go over there. I stood in line and decided not to say anything because I’m a guy. And apparently, we do stupid things like that.

After I ordered, I heard her voice coming from behind the stupid Starbucks guy helping me. She was looking a little shy as she said…

CSB: “I’m sorry I haven’t come to see you yet.”
Me: (Mock disappointment on face) “Yea, it’s all right. I guess I’ll let it slide.”
CSB: “I just got nervous.”
Me: “Nervous? Why?”
CSB: “I don’t know.”
Me: “Well, when are you working until?”
CSB: “10, will you guys still be open?”
Me: “Noooo, we’ll be long gone by then. When do you work next?”
CSB: “Tomorrow.”
Me: “Aaah, well I’m off tomorrow…..”
Awkward three seconds of silence and I panic.
Me: “Well, no worries! We’ll figure it out.”



So I guess the saga continues.

Do I stop by tomorrow on my day off? Get a coffee during a slower hour? Too soon?

Or is the ball in her court?

You’d think I’d understand these things by now.

By the way, thanks for all the responses to the last journal. Every one brought a smile to my face. You guys seriously rock my socks off.


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Best. Coffee. Ever.

Remember when I mentioned the cute Starbucks barista (see # 7 bullet on that entry)?  Well, extremely unexpected developments occurred today! I will try to keep the following as true to life as I can. If this story ends with her taking off her Starbucks smock and having sex with me in the backroom on the coffee beans, then I got too excited telling the story and made that part up.

The other day I went into the Starbucks attached to my store and saw the Cute Starbucks Barista. She sold me my white chocolate mocha, we exchanged smiles, nothing big.

Today I decided I would make a stop in there for my usual and hoped I would run into her again. I was quite happy to see she was not only there, but also at the main register. I put on my best “Hey, I’m so casual and cool I barely noticed you there” face, realized I’m a complete tool and gave up on that idea. Here’s the conversation that ensued…(My inner thoughts are in parenthesizes).

Me: “Hey, how’s it going?”
Cute Starbucks Barista: “Hey, good. What can I get for you?”
Me: “I’m actually not sure what I want yet…” (I so know what I wanted. For some reason stalling seemed like a good idea).
CSB: “Do you have the Verizon Network?”
Me: “I’m sorry what...?” (I’m completely surprised she asked me something that did not have to do with my pending coffee order)
CSB: “Do you have the Verizon Network?”
Me: “Oh, haha, well of course I do.”
CSB: “I have T-Mobile and I HATE it!”
Me: “Well, I’m not surprised. You need to sign up with Verizon. You guys (Starbucks employees) get a really good discount with us.”
CSB: “Really?”
Me: (Oh man, I can’t believe we’re having a conversation right now! Don’t say something dumb. Hey, she has really pretty eyes, I didn’t notice those before…OH CRAP! She just said something and isn’t talking anymore!) “Um, uh, yea definitely. I don’t remember all the details, but you should come in and we’ll get you a good deal.”
CSB: “Hmmm well when are you working again?”
Me: “Well, until 8 tonight and then 9:30-630 tomorrow.”
CSB: “Hmm. All right, I may have to stop in tomorrow.”
Me: (Oh my god! She wants me! She totally wants to have sex with me! She wants my penis in or around her mouth! Man, Superbad is a funny movie. Wait, no! Now is not the time!) “Yea, definitely come on in I’ll get all the details for you.”
CSB: “Well, I think we could be good friends” (Okay, don’t get excited she said that in a joking manner – clearly pertaining to the whole discount thing).
Me: (Why am I nervously laughing!? Damnit! Think of something witty and charming to say back!)

At this point a dude walks up behind me so I think I said something like “Haha sounds good” and made my order.

Me: “I guess I’ll get a tall white chocolate mocha please.” (I am an epic fail, oh well, let me get my wallet)
CSB: “Don’t worry about it.”
Me: “Seriously?”
CSB: “Yea, don’t worry about it.”
Me: “Wow…thank you so much.”
CSB: “No problem.”
Me: “What’s your name?”
CSB: “(Says her name)…and you are…(reads my name off my name tag)?”
Me: “Very good, yes I am.”
CSB: “Nice to meet you.”
Me: “Nice to meet you too.”

Aaaaand my day was made.

A white chocolate mocha has never tasted so sweet.

Sure, maybe she did it just because I kept talking about how I could get her a good deal with Verizon and she was trying to do something for me first so I would give her some crazy deal or something…but who cares! A situation like this, no matter how innocent, NEVER happens to me. It was fantastic. Of course I spent the next hour or so overanalyzing the situation and wishing I had done a million things differently (Why didn’t I at least slip her my card? Ugh.) but what are you gonna do?

This silly little interaction completely made my day. I got a name and a free coffee and maybe a second chance to see her at my store, which will obviously lead to more conversation. This, of course, will be work related conversation, but gives me a chance to learn things about her at least. Thoughts?

I will obviously keep you all posted on if she stops in tomorrow or not. I’m sure she won’t, but we’ll see. Feel free to leave advice in the comments in case she does!

One slight problem…I don’t know her age or if she has a boyfriend. For all I know she’s super young and dating someone. Details…


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You Shook Me All Night Long

1. Apparently, we had our second earthquake in about a month down here in the Lowcountry. Luckily, they haven’t been big and I haven’t felt/heard anything.


2. I have the weekend off (plus Monday!) so I’m pretty stoked about that. I have a mixture of plans in place, so I’m relatively excited. I’m hanging with work friends tomorrow at the assistant manager’s house for party, probably hanging with them for the Super Bowl, and of course seeing my friends. I plan on getting drunk with friends on Saturday, hopefully hilarity and/or scandal will ensue.

3. The Avid Texter has been out of control lately and it’s been getting to me. I’ve seriously cut back on my responses but it doesn’t seem to matter.

4. I’m back on my “Entourage” kick. I love this show.

5. Someone buy me the Rosetta Stone. I want to learn Spanish.

6. While you are buying me things…get me a Snuggie so I can walk around in it. Everyone in the commercial looks like a monk and, let’s be honest, that’s awesome.

7. How do I get the cute Starbucks barista to fall in love with me? Or least want to make out a little? Keep in mind I am a complete pussy so things like “Initiate conversation with her” will not fly. I tend to resort to tricking girls into liking me.


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