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My Civil War

Connecticut vs. South Carolina in the PapaJohns.com Bowl today! Can’t wait!

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I Cut Like a Buffalo


Anyone still there?

Yikes, I sure have been ignoring this little space on the interwebs. I haven’t felt very creative, inspired or interesting for quite some time and, unsurprisingly, my blog has suffered.

I’ve also totally slacked on reading other people’s blogs, but I’m playing catch up as we speak!

In any event, there hasn’t been too much going on in my corner of the world. Here’s a super brief update…

1. I went home back in late October, which was a ton of fun.
2. The All-American and a couple of his Charlotte friends came down for a weekend. I detailed this in my last entry.
3. I went to Charleston Beer Works for the first time, which was super disappointing. For a place that has the word “Beer” in its title, you would think they would have a full stock of said beverage. Oddly, they were out of almost everything I attempted to order.
4. I’ve been working a lot. Retail blows and it blows harder around the holidays. I feel a VZW Chronicles entry coming on…
5. I bought my first HD TV (!!!) and I love it. I’ve been watching tons of shows and movies in glorious high definition. It’s amazing.
6. UConn’s football team was invited to play in the PapaJohns.com Bowl (I hate the names these bowl games get), which is in Alabama. To make this news even more amazing, I soon found out they would be playing South Carolina!! I can’t believe it – my alma mater taking on my adopted team! I want to go really bad and I think it may happen. I’ve been talking to some friends over the last few days about making the roadtrip to Bama.
7. I’ve decided to move out of my apartment and into a duplex. I will be in the same town, but a little further from work. I will have a lot more room and a fenced in backyard for the dog! Plus, it’s less expensive! I can’t wait to move in.

So, that’s that. I know this was another super-boring-numbered-list-entry, but it’s a start.

Hopefully, this was not an aberration and I will be back with a vengeance soon!


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Jack of All Trades…ish

I want a thing.

I want to be awesome at something.

I want to be so awesome at that something, that people think of me when they think of that something.

Hell, I’d settle for being better than most people at something.

I tend to get these little obsessions with things, well really, I just get obsessions about the IDEA of things. Something will spark my imagination and I’ll just have to have that something. I will eventually get that something and after a few failed attempts, I will give up or move on to my next obsession.

Some people would call this lazy (and yes, part of it is laziness), but I like to call it insatiable-ness. My thirst for learning and life can not be quenched!

That or I’m ADD…you be the judge.

It started when I was a kid. Football was my obsession. Unsurprisingly, this did not pan out. I was not blessed with what one might call “muscles” or “God-given ability.”

When it became clear that girls liked poems and things written about them, I moved on to writing. In high school and parts of college I liked to believe I was great writer. After rereading some older journal entries and some poems, I now realize this was incredibly false.

I used to work for my college’s radio station and I actually believe I did a pretty good job at that. I would do some music shows, but mostly I did commentary for football and basketball games. I LOVED doing this. Sadly, I will probably never do this professionally. Part of me wants to just find a college radio station in the area, get my own show and just have fun with it. I still may do this someday.  In the meantime I can’t really just take it up as a hobby. People tend to get pissed when you do play-by-play in the stands.

Last Christmas the obsession was a skateboard. I never thought I was going to be great at it, but I just wanted to be good enough to ride it around a little. I’ve been on the board maybe 5 times. All of these times have been fun, but I never fell in love with it. It just never “grabbed a hold of me.” It’s a neat, funny activity but that’s about it. My skateboard now sits on my porch.

I then wanted to learn a new language. Spanish made sense since I took in in high school. I realized going to school or buying the Rosetta Stone was way too expensive so I settled on illegally downloading the Rosetta Stone software. Upon discovering the files were in some weird format that I didn’t understand how to convert to anything relevant to me, I decided Spanish was not for me anymore.

Next up – maybe I’ll get into shape! I could be hot, in-shape guy! I bought the Iron Gym and some sweet Nike+ shoes. If anyone has seen me in person lately, you know that I epically failed at this as well.

My latest obsession is with the acoustic guitar. This delusion of grandeur hasn’t taunted me since early in college. This appears to be my next failed mission.

I’m glad I’m trying a bunch of random things and there are other things I would like to at least try someday, but I just wish something would stick. I like being able to at least relate to most other people’s activities/jobs/passions on a layman’s level, but I wish I had my own thing.


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Fix me in 45

I’m taking a break from my recent CSB kick…

1. Had a good talk with one of my good friends (DG) tonight and he gave me some good insight into therapy and his history with it. It was good to get his opinion and all just talk like we used to back in college during the wee hours of the night.

2. Courtney from Sex and the Traveling Satchel is a genius and a good friend. I never thought I would say that about someone I never actually met in person, but I’m glad I can.

3. ARod testing positive for steroids may have ruined baseball for me.

4.  I hung out with the Ex today because I had to go to her neck of the woods to pick up the puppy. We tried to go to the best restuarant ever (Taco Boy), but it was freakin closed. I was super pissed. We (okay, mostly she) made chicken parm and we watched Obama’s speech and 24 before I made my way home.

5. I was going through the online journal I kept in college and stumbled upon my old compositions (some would say poems…but please don’t be one of those some) and it made me miss the days would I would sit at my computer, turn off the lights, turn on some music and just write. I would say these old compositions range from terrible to decent. I will give you a taste. This one was from 2003 and was, sadly, one of the last ones I ever wrote. I can’t believe this is almost six years old now. I think it had some good parts but was borderline nonsensical. If I didn’t tell you I wrote it, I could possibly pass it off as genius to a high school class. Anything that is confusing and makes no sense is genius…right?

"Webster's Definition of Latent"
Composition # 73 - Originally titled "You & Me"

You and me -
to the last gasping breath,
forever exhausting mutual adoration.
We never say die,
even when this belongs six feet down.
Reason silenced by desire,
conviction found in love -
with screaming fine print (Mine - for now).
Infatuation still bleeds out from our veins,
so we exalt every potential ender.
Words surrender as inferior -
Entangled lips,
legs wrapped tightly around my waist,
thighs resting on my hips,
and hands clenching my back
bring substance to our promises.
The taste of fleeting perfection reminds
why we don't abandon "us"
...to genuine to dismiss.
So we continue to drain the air of all its emotion,
always breathing in the aura of summer rains.


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Higher Education

Nothing destroys the ego more than UConn’s Alumni magazine. This is the most depressing piece of literature you will ever read. There are a bunch of photos featuring young, excited students who are having the time of their lives at various campus activities. Their eyes are full of joy and complete ignorance to what lies ahead. They have no idea that life after college sucks. Being an adult is extremely overrated.

I am so jealous of anyone who still has the pleasure to be in college. The photo showing a group of students at at soccer game reminded me of all the times I went to a sporting event (as a fan and for the radio station). I always had a great time at the game and my time was made even better knowing that the game would be followed by a night of partying with friends or playing video games with the guys.

As of that wasn’t bad enough, the most recent issue featured the “Top 40 Alumni Under 40” – or as I liked to call it “Just a Small Sampling of the People that Went to the Same Damn School As You and are Doing So Much Better In their Professional Lives Than You. Not To Mention They Are in Fields that They Love.” I graduated three (soon to be four) years ago and I have done jack shit with my life. I have a job I hate and no one respects, I have no idea how I could even weasel my way back into the fields I like at this point, and I have made no difference in this world.

This depressing magazine continued to beat me up as I approached the last tormenting pages. The Alumni Update alerts you to all the awesome things other Alums are up to. Mostly it features job promotions, marriage announcements, and of course news of children being born. This section isn’t so bad until I get to my classmates section and once again see how far others are with their professional AND personal lives.

I should do myself a favor and just throw this thing out the next time it comes in.


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